Bizarre Foods

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  • Superfine Apostate
    Superfine Apostate

    chicken talons in vinegar
    fish and chips

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Ooh, biltong and blue cheese as a salad dressing - yum!

  • Dorktacular

    The strangest thing I ever ate.... well.... was my ex!

    Anyway, I've eaten shark, octopus, swordfish, aligator and squid. I've eaten Kimchi, which is a Korean thingie made out of fermented cabbage and hot peppers. I know I've probably eaten some other strange stuff, but I can't think of anything else right now.

  • kurtbethel

    Escargot, loved it.

    My sojourn in the southeast USA had me eating every part of the hog. Head cheese, anyone?

    I have caught and eaten frogs, crawdads or crawfish. Ate a plate of crawdads in New Orleans.

    I sometimes prepare octopus and squid in a tomato sauce. Like chewing on the tentacles.

    Never had "mountain oysters" but it is on the list.

  • RubaDub

    We like Zimmern's show too. We have to admit, some of the foods he eats are not really "bizarre" to us.

    Like many things in life, food varies by country and even regions within a country.

    Here in South Florida, we think nothing about eating alligator. You can get it as an appetizer in many restaurants. Really good as long as it comes from the tail portion, not the body.

    Rattlesnake (it's ok, nothing special, not worth the price) ...

    Jellyfish (really good ... makes a nice "salad" ... get it packaged and ready-to-eat in any Asian food store).

    Octopus (nothing bizarre about that to me ... it's a staple in Greece ... we have it Greek style or as an ingredient in a Paella).

    Bird Nest Soup (very expensive Asian soup ... I tried it once just to say I had it .. it's made from .. well .. .look it up on the internet .. basically from bird spit ... it tasted fine but not worth the price, something like $25 for a small bowl)

    Rub a Dub

  • chickpea

    alligator, rattlesnake,scrapple.... but my all time favourite underappreciated food is whitefish livers.... lightly dredged in flour spiced with pepper and garlic and fried in coconut oil, served with sauteed peppers and onion

  • restrangled

    Smoked Butt (aka corned beef and cabbage) GAG......hate it.

    No tenticles, testicles, organs, bugs or fermented at room tempature stuff for me thank you! I did eat Buffalo once....

    I can't even watch that program. By the way I love to cook......(real food)


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