Bizarre Foods

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  • Gregor

    We like Zimmerns show. It is kind of addictive. We get a kick out of watching as he puts something wiered in his mouth, chews for a moment, swallows and says "wow". Then he says something like "that is by far the best deep fried dog turd I've ever eaten". What a hoot!

  • betteroffdead

    I love the show and dvr it every week but can't help but think of him as like a classic profile of a pedophile especially when he's in thailand or some other asian country or maybe thats just me.

  • Gregor

    ...a classic profile of a pedophile...


  • GentlyFeral

    • Cloud ears.
    • Escargot – I know, there are weirder things on this thread, but this was for a school lunch.
    • Grass jelly – bitter and nasty; never again.
    • Cake flavored with pandanus, which tastes like vanilla but turns things bright emerald green.
    • Golden needles, a dried lily flower which gives things a sort of vegetarian-chicken-soup flavor.
    • Imitation duck.
    • Oden – not at all weird in Asia, but this version contained some kind of fish cake which looked like a little drawstring bag and was filled with a particularly nasty stringy, clingy, flavorless cheese. But the rest of it was all right.
    • Black rice.
    • Red rice, which I really like.
    • Nori, aka dried algae or seaweed. Some kinds are fishy-nasty, but there's this black Korean variety which is delicious. Full of nutritious minerals.
    • Sweetbreads, which are not a pastry. A childhood favorite when we went to Eugene's, a sort of middlebrow posh restaurant in Reno, Nevada, circa 1965.
    • Melona bars. I only mention them because honeydew melon creamsicles are not that easy to find in the US. Incidentally, they don't actually contain any melon – but they are fabulous.
    • Honey-garlic snack crackers. I have only seen them once in my local Korean supermarket, and they were fabulous.
    • Boletus edulis – mentioned only because it is expensive enough to be a rarity – picked by my son and daughter-in-law from among the redwoods in Willits, CA. Buttery and kind of slippery. (On another occasion, my daughter had the same delicacy fried in pesto. She decided she wanted to move to Willits at some point.)
    • Horned melon, which looks weirder than it tastes; it's actually a species of cucumber, mostly juicy seeds and not so much of the crisp flesh of Western-style cucumbers. Also very tart.
    gently feral
  • Hope4Others

    I have an extremely weak stomach for off things that I have inherited from my dad, don't even mention something gross while I'm eating or I'm done. The only delicacy I've tried different was snails and octopus with my eyes closed and what ever I eat can not be looking back at me. hope4others

  • hotchocolate

    Kangaroo steak is absolutely delicious if it's cooked right and great served with a red wine jus YUMMO! It's like beef but leaner.

    Emu isn't as nice, you might expect it to be white meat but actually it's like beef as well. I prefer emu made into a good meat pie. :-)

  • LouBelle

    I've eaten crocodile - it tasted like old mutton - ugh!!

    I've had wildebees ( I don't know the english name for it) was pretty delicious. All sorts of buck indiginous to South Africa - really tastey.

    Dried mopane worms (Mopane - zulu name for a big thick white grub) Thank goodness it was dried otherwise I wouldn't have tried it - tasted like bark.

    Fish Roe (said Row) it's like a parcelle of fish eggs - ate it by mistake because it looked like a pork sausage - spat it out right away - This is not the same as the nice packaged caviare.

    Phutu (pronounced poo too) It's an african maize dish - many ways to prepare it, always good if you're having a braai (barbeque) with some tomatoe and onion gravey over it.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Hey Lou

    It must be a Saffa thing - I have eaten all of those things too (except for the fish roe).

    Mopani worms are just stupid - crunchy and gross! Also eaten Shark Biltong (eeeeugh!!!) (Biltong is dried meat - do you get that in the USA or UK or Oz?)

    Ostrich is quite nice, especiallu in a "potjie" (a stew cooked in a pot over an fire for hours and hours)

  • darkuncle29

    The most unusual creature I've eaten is skate and for me that's out there as I do not eat seafood. I do like some seaweeds.

    The nastiest thing I can eat and keep down is Limburger cheese.

    That duck fetus thing, I used to have an incubator and hatch my own eggs and the guy where I bought my feed offered me $24 for a dozen eggs as he had customers who asked for that sort of thing. I couldn't do it.

    Its not really a bizarre food, but I like to cook with a Dutch oven and that's one of the things I miss most about camping.

  • LouBelle

    Princess boo - yes Shark Biltong - I've had that - horrible salty extremely fishy taste.

    Forgott about ostrich - that is very yummy.

    American version of biltong might be beeff jerkey - but it's just not the same delicious product we have. LOVE biltong - hmm biltong salad for lunch sounds good!

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