Whats in your handbag?

by Princess Daisy Boo 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • watson

    Is this a "fluff" piece?

  • mrsjones5

    A waterbottle, 75 pages of paper - clipped, plastic folder, the April issue of Oprah, a Sudoku book, my wallet, iPhone, iTouch, another Sudoku book, a paperback mystery book, reading glasses, yarn, three pairs of knitting needles, cinnamon Altoids, two pairs of sunglasses, a small bag of sunflower seeds - yum, crochet needle case - with 8 needles and one snip and a pair of scissors, a comb, beauty blotters, a bottle of Excedrin migraine geltabs, bluetooth earpiece, a pair of craft scissors, a small mirror, three mini emery boards, two small tins of nivea handcreme - mostly used up, a small silk bag, a pair of tweezers, cuticle creme, a round emeryboard with case, two tampons and a sanitary napkin, a pencil sharpener, three sticks of gum, a red sharpie pen, a small Mary Kay notepad, a pocket pack of facial tissues, an even smaller bottle of migraine geltabs, four pens - one doesn't work, a pack of unopened Orbit gum, two lip balms and one lip gloss, one toenail clipper and a baby clipper, one measuring tape, a daily pack of vitamins, a paper clip, one pencil, a small Easter Seals magnifying card, two Crystal Lite On the Go packets, and $2.62 in change...

    I didn't realize all that was in there


  • ex-nj-jw

    I'm too embarrassed to make a list *going to clean it out right now*


  • babygirl75

    Cell phone, comb, 5 gum, MK lipstick, few pairs of earrings, bills for this month, checkbook, wallet, keys, On the go Lemonade mix pack, eyeliner, business cards, prescription muscle relaxers, and my small pistol.

  • Casper

    .... Mrsjones...

    That's a lot of stuff... I'm impressed...LOL


  • Hortensia

    Mrs. Jones wins. Me - I have my wallet, cell phone, work keys, home keys, storage keys, pen, comb, nail file, lipstick, several mysterious little pieces of paper, that's about it. Lightweight, small purse. Oh yes, my purse hook which is a fabulous thing - I bought it on ebay after I read that the Queen has one. I had never heard of it before, but it is very very useful.

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