Witness Kids - Scared silly by the WTBTS

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  • mind my own
    mind my own


    I can totally, TOTALLY relate to you!! I am completely unable to watch or listen to anything torture related. If by chance, I happen to see something on TV before being able to switch the channel, it triggers crying spells for days, nightmares and a really awful state of mind to the point where I think I am going crazy!! I still remember the horrible details of things I heard about the JW's being in the concentration camps from when I was little.

    My brother is exactly the same way. I don't know how to overcome this...


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    These sort of stories along with the images in "The Paradise" book of the 1960's had us all a little scared as kids. Then in 1974 the yearbook came out with horrific stories about some Nazi doosh named Foursquare that was a holy terror of a Commandant in a concentration camp. What I have read lately is that the jw's were not that bad off in there compared to the poor jews.

    I believe that this is just propaganda to make the wbts look like a bunch of martyrs. Thing is, martyrdom has to be genuine to be worth anything.

  • johnnyc

    I was raised a JW, my father the P.O. of a congregation and mother a pioneer, and they never made me unduly scared of anything like that. I can't say that it didn't happen to you, or other people, but I wouldn't characterize it as if WTBTS makes this part of their 101 on raising children. It was made clear to me at a young age that this world is unpredictable, and that persecution for any reason could arise at any moment (I also happen to have a Jewish family background). Considering humanity's history, and not even being a generation away from a time that the Nazi's did what they did to half the population of Europe, I believe my parents teaching me this lesson to be a shot of reality. Perhaps living in a state of privilege in this westernized society can give people a false sense of security about the future. I often wonder how far or close we could be to a situation that would lead to a social breakdown here in North America. It happens all over the world all the time, yet even though I realize we are more insulated against this sort of thing, it is not without merit to consider how quickly things can become bad - that is the nature of the world we live in....AND THAT IS SCARY to think about for anyone. I am sure the children of Darfur, Kosovo, Iraq, and Bosnia would greatly prefer being scared by their parents with stories than the actual reality they face daily.

  • Hortensia

    I remember the focus on torture, on everyone but a few dying at armageddon, those horrible pictures in the WTBTS books, on the awful ways that jehovah is going to destroy wicked people, I remember nightmares about armageddon, I had them for a long time. Nightmares about demons too.

  • misspeaches

    Hi JohnnyC and welcome. Thanks for your input. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your comment:

    wouldn't characterize it as if WTBTS makes this part of their 101 on raising children.

    From my perspective the mere fact that the WTBTS expects all family members, regardless of age, to study the same material and attend the same meetings they are deliberately encouraging people to rear children and expose them to horror stories.

    I do however agree with the remainder of your post and feel you make some very important observations.

  • JK666


    I loved the Malawi story about bricks being tied to testicles. A warm, painful feeling emanates from my genitals thinking about this memory from my youth! The Mexico/Malawi conundrum makes this all the more poignant. What a group of self righteous bastards the Governing Body are. Thank whatever for Ray exposing them all.


  • JK666

    Welcome to paradise,

    From the Paradise book:



  • dinah

    This thread explains alot about us if you think about it.

    Yes, the Malawi stories scared me to death!! Don't remember the whole bricks tied to testicles thing, but I do remember the stories of dear people having nails driven into their feet. That was what scared me.

    This is probably the thing that makes me the most angry with the WT. It was all senseless.

  • Hellrider

    I remember we read about this "brother" in some far-away country that had been tortured by being burned under the soles of his feet, with bricks that had been heated, to make him renounce "the truth". Anyone remember that one? Must have been in the mid-eighties.

  • fairchild

    Just posting in here to say hello to my old friend misspeaches

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