I live just north of Seattle. Im an architect, so I guess that makes me one of a lucky few JWs with an education. I'm not apostate just yet, as I am working things out. Some got the idea I was already DF'd - I am not, but am working through a Judicial process with appeal committee. Reason: Got addicted to pain meds after an injury, and I did do stuff to get them I should not have...I guess I have a similar story to Rush L. on that whole thing. I am married, but just realized her being here is very subject to me being a JW - so that does not look like a status I will carry long. I'm sure the temptation to take 50% of what I have (most I brought into the marriage) is also going to play a part. Wow, this is starting to sound sad - well, right now not the best time of my life, I will update once I get through it. The only good thing is that I had a son born to me a few months ago which has helped make me act on being a better person than my prescription addiction was allowing me to be. I write this free of my addiction, and work though things a day at a time.