Witness Kids - Scared silly by the WTBTS

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  • misspeaches

    I wonder if anyone else who grew up as a JW can relate with me on this subject.

    I grew up hearing stories of 'faithful brothers & sisters' being tortured to a point where they were almost dead. All they had to do to be set free was renounce Jehovah and their religon. The stories I heard of torture were graphic in nature and to this day I can not handle hearing about torture or watch it being portrayed in movies. I can remember from a very young age being exposed to these horrible stories.

    How many of them were true? How many of them were made up to make other JWs feel like they were unappreciative sods so they would do more and give more?

    I despise these stories. I grew up scared witless that eventually one day I would be taken to a concentration camp and tortured. I believed it was certainty, and that eventually any one who was faithful would be exposed to torture of some kind.

    Shame on the WTBTS for doing this. How dare they scare innocent children. Surely i am not alone! Thank goodness I now realise that it is hardly likely that would happen but I still bear the scars...


    Those stories scared the hell out of me and I was an adult. Add that to the demon stories and it's no wonder I've got an alcoholic(recovering - thank the flying spaghetti monster)child. I would give anything to have not subjected my children to that horrible upbringing.

  • misspeaches

    oh yes i didn't think about the 'demon' stories... I wonder how many of them were fabricated... Another thing that scared me silly. If I hadn't come to this forum and learnt about sleep paralysis I would probably believe still that the demons were attacking me.

    That's an interesting perspective Awake&Watching... I wonder if my mum (still a diehard JW) feels bad for exposing us to that too?

  • restrangled

    Miss Peaches,

    I totally relate....I was scared of torture and the demons knowing what I was scared about....Spiders....so I had nightmares about torturers exposing me to spiders and having to turn in my parents as JW's because I couldn't cope.

    As you know we were told to feel good about being tortured.....

    Also my biggest fear was demons as a kid, ....in the closet, in my room, in the house, watching every move, hearing me breathe at night.....watching closer than god ever did.

    I believe I have already been tortured by the above my entire child hood.....So I've put in my time


  • oneairhead

    Yeah, I remember that stuff. I would cry that my friends, oops aquaintances, were going to die at armagedon(sp). My mom just told me that I would have to save them by talking to them about the troof. Yeah as if they thought I wasn't weird enough already. I was having a hard enough time trying to fit in already.


  • AudeSapere

    Graphic? OMG! Yes!!

    Brutal details including sexual mutilations and degradation. My mom would read to us from the yearbook experiences every morning at breakfast before we left for school.

    Horrible stuff.


  • AudeSapere

    Oh. forgot to add our ages. I was 12. My brother was 9 and little sister was 4.


  • Hope4Others

    That really is horrible when you think about it, parental controls are put on television shows that can't even compare to the morbid (good experiences) stories ingrained

    in a child's mind from the year book.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes. I grew up in the era when the persecution in Malawi was going on and I remember very graphic details being discussed from the platform. I can't even bring myself to relate the specifics here now. Definitely not suitable subject material for children. I also had recurring nightmares about being in a concentration camp. I had all my hair shaved and there were rats all around me. I was told to renounce my being a witness, when I refused they cut me in half and put my legs on the wrong way round. I know that sounds stupid but as a child that was a terrifying fear of mine.

  • R.Crusoe

    Quite so,

    All the emphasis on gods chosen people being put to ultimate tests by satan and how those JWs in concentration camps were an example of Jesus like sufferings as satan tested their faith to the end!

    And how each JW will have satan and his demons on their trail to make them break before they die!

    The WTBTS are [email protected]>$ for ever imprinting ALL people with those subliminal mindframes to carry around as humans and so be too ready to do whatever they utter!!!

    WTBTS - you are unbelievable in your INTENT to HARM humans !

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