Witness Kids - Scared silly by the WTBTS

by misspeaches 44 Replies latest jw experiences

  • TreadClimberMaster

    I still have nightmares about being tortured for my "religion." I really hate the way the WTS glamorizes people who have died because they "stood up for the truth." It is truly sickening!

  • TreadClimberMaster

    I do remember that story. What about the one about the brother tied to a tree and left to die and ants were poured over him.

  • BabaYaga

    I remember the Malawai stories... and no... I will not relate them here. Why pass the scars along? I had been out for 20 years before I read Franz's account that torture in Malawai was allowed to continue but by the vote of a round table of imperfect men...

    and as for my own personal fears (as if praying and crying for my Brothers and Sisters in Malawai wasn't enough)

    I used to stand and wait for the school bus in the morning and fret and pray that Jehovah wouldn't bring about Armageddon on that day while I was at school... and away from my Mommy


  • odie67

    I was afraid of the sky..during the winter when the sky is like a peach color at night, i was always afraid that the big A was coming. I used to have nightmares about it, in fact I still do from time to time.

    everything was demonic. I was afraid of the dark...I still have to sleep with a light on if i'm alone.

    and all the stories about hiding your brother or sister in times of distress even dying for each other.

  • Dorktacular

    I remember.... EVERYTHING was demonic! The Smurfs, Superman, you name it! I spent most of my childhood scared of "demons" that were inhabiting every day items. But, my fears began to fade when we started studying the "Revelation" book. That book was absolutely rediculous in its illustrations! The graphics in that thing were more like the cover of a Black Sabbath album than they were about God! Pictures of demons and death and destruction! Suddenly, the Smurfs didn't look too bad anymore! I think that book is the most demonic thing I've ever come in contact with. The JWs are truly twisted. I'm not scared of demons anymore. In fact, the only entities I find disturbing are the ones I see walking down my street on a Saturday morning. You know the ones.... they have suits on and carry briefcases and they want to save you from demons......

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