Why did Death not stop as soon as the RANSOM was paid?

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    Terry's recent thread about God's love made me start wondering the above question. Normally a Ransom is done as a swap, the payment is made on exchange.

    2000 years ago Jesus made payment by dieing. God's apparent sense of justice was fulfilled by this act. So why did Jehovah not apply that payment 2000 years ago and end human misery and suffering?

    A JW answer is that we still needed time to prove that we can not rule ourselves. I find that pretty shallow, but regardless, why not send Jesus after he was satisfied that all other criteria had be met?

    God gave up His only begotten son in order that all can be saved.As humans many have lost their loved ones through death. The greatest love of all is to offer your life on the behalf of another. Many sacrifice themselves to the hands of those that choose to kill. A willing sacrifice is the greatest death a person can endure. We lose our loved ones in death so in justice God lost His loved one also. And he also raised him in order to be the savior of all humans when he returns in all of his glory, and the angels with him. In order to be worthy of the savior of humans he had to learn and understand the suffering humans have had to endure.

    Jesus Christ has also been raised to the level of a god as the son of God The Almighty. An angel is not more powerful than a god is he? In formation Jesus is raised as a god as well. And in order to be a faithful and true witness of The Almighty, Jesus had to observe and come to a complete understanding of everything His Father has endured also. This is why Christ is raised in war against the wicked in the heavens so that he can underestand war in battle also. It is written, Jesus knows our trials and tribulations. In order to know and understand he has to endure in like manner as those upon the earth. How can a person counsel if they have not gone through the same turmoil as those they intend to help?

    Christ had to be raised in strength in order to battle with the wicked ones in the heavenly realm. This is why he is hidden from the face of the serpent until a period of time is fulfilled. It takes time for this all to take place, and a set period of time is allowed for all to attain to perfection as well. The time of the end is the end of it all with a new beginning thereafter. The thousand year reign of Jesus Christ will bring many blessing to all that dwell upon the earth.

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    Houdini never resurrected the dead or fed hundreds of people from a few fishes and loaves. I doubt that 2000 years from now that millions of people will still be speaking of Houdini's parlor acts.

    People still talk about Cinderella too.

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    Because it is BS

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