What do we have to do to get Gods' Attention

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  • BurnTheShips
    If a father here on this earth allows his family,or children to suffer health problems, hunger, financial problems, fighting among themselves, without doing something about it, he is looked at as being negligent. And sometimes is charged legally with the possibility of being imprisoned.

    God is less concerned with this life you have than He is with your eternal soul. He will allow temporal evil to befall you, if it saves your Spirit and makes you more like Him.

    God wants you to be god.

    God takes a larger view. Those of us in the vale of tears don't realize there is a larger world outside it.


  • LouBelle

    BurnTheShips - that is a cop out. I used to have faith - perhaps some will say .... ah but your faith couldn't have been real/heart felt, you don't know me so you can't say that. What about those that have faith and still god does nothing for them.

  • Gerard

    Humanity has to get rid of the now certified process based on the pretention that Man can do what God cannot, namely, manipulate others for their own salvation.

    Independent thinking is indeed religion's antichrist.

  • Robdar


    If you can calm your mind and listen to the silence, you will get your answers. But first you will have to do away with all the prejudices about God that the world religions have taught you. Keep seeking and do not forget to ask in love and receive in love.


  • BurnTheShips
    What about those that have faith and still god does nothing for them.

    Faith on expectation of reward is a poor faith indeed.

    Job kept faith.

    He lost everything he was humbled.

    He remained faithful, even if he was wrong on some of his presuppositions.

    He was exalted.

    Read my comment above. God cares more about the life to come which is real than this one that is temporary.

    We are all tested in this crucible.


  • Gerard

    BurnTheShips, you don't realize you were already safe until you entered the WT's and took in their demonology fear implantations. The WT has made you believe there is a black cloud hanging over you while simultaneously selling you the "cure" for that inplanted phobia.

    Only mental freedom will bring you discernment. Only independent thinking will set you free. No trademarks of phobias attached.

    Rodbar, you know what listening to your soul means to the WT: if it is independent thinking is is the deevilz' doing. If it is a regurgitaded line, it's from heaven. Instead of relying in conditioned and/or implanted phobias, why not open your mind and investigate the WT's claims from different sources? Don't be afraid of the truth....



  • Sirona

    The feeling I get is that the universe and God are evolving together. There is no separation between the two.

    I try to forget the idea of an old man in the sky looking down on us and choosing not to act.

    We all have free will and as we reincarnate, the universe (and us) develops towards a better future. That is my belief.


  • Renegade

    This sounds like a fairly good explanation to me but I'd like to hear your thoughts. God created our universe but he's probably left it to see what happens or he's working on a different project. Sound realistic to you?

  • real one
    real one

    Loubelle says:

    We cannot rely on god. We can only rely on ourselves and each other. I commend people that are trying to at least make a difference more than I can commend god - god isn't trying to do anything.

    There is no god, though I wish there was, and I wish he was more like superman.

    Making statements like this support your lack of faith. When you are saved and born again you will not make statements like this. as Burn illustrated about Job, look how cruel his life turned and look at the outcome. you must keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and have faith in him. you must pray for faith and if you have some faith pray for more.

    The devil causes us all to have these kinds of thoughts. He wants to influence our minds as he did Eve in the garden who was PERFECT. thats why Christ left that helper, Holy Spirit to help us to overcome these feelings. we cannot do it by ourselves which i have made that mistake over and over again of trying to do things on my own without God's help. this does not work for me and it never has. I need God to do everything i do. i am helpless without him.

    We must all realize how much we really need God. we must not go by feelings to believe his word. He will do what he says he will do when he wants to do it and we were taught to pray for his kingdom to come. the church has the power of prayer that they are some not aware of. God hears or prayers(believers)

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes thats right, if you say a "prayer" and are a true believer when a Tsunami hits God will lift you up in a bubble and carry to saftey as experienced by some of the 250,000 victims who prayed to Allah Jesus or Buddah....

    One man avoided being killed in the World trade centre 9/11...how?.....he was having an affair and took the day off....his wife calls him to ask: "Are you okay where are you?"....he says: "I'm at work!" {Opps busted} Why did God choose to save him?

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