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  • BR25

    I know that most of you dont believe in the JW faith anymore, but do any of you think certain things might have went different for you if in a different congregation? Ive mentioned before that I believe in what the jws believe. Im asking this question though because Ive been to a couple of congregations in different areas and Ive found some to be more heartworming, more open, and happier than others. Just the vibe I got. No matter what religion you are from you always have bad apples.

  • Briguy

    People are in many ways trying to do their best. Sometimes personalitys can shine.

    You have to remember though what drives the structure behind them. Its not their fault. The organizations.

  • jaguarbass

    I had no problem with my congregation the people were fine and it bothered me to turn the page on them. But it wasn't and is not the truth.

  • watson

    Some are more heartwerming than others.

  • SPAZnik

    I didn't have a problem with any individuals or any congregations.

    My issues were ultimately with contradiction inherent to impractical and unloving doctrine. I came to disbelieve that the religion of my birth (JWs) was any more "spirit directed" than any other religion. It is in looking back that I see more clearly what could easily be considered rampant political corruption in that organization and it's handling of people and events.

    I've since come to the perspective that EVERY religion feels it has "god's blessing" and has all sorts of "this coincidence proves it" stories and it's "well, nobody's perfect" rationalizations. I've also come to see that individuals and groups anywhere and everywhere have much the same problems as the JWs, so I find it increasingly difficult to see them as any different than the rest of the world, except in their own minds (and except in the fact that they are, in my mind, more accountable for their deeds in that they attempt to place themselves as essentially equal to God in an attempt to control the minds and lives of others and even to judge them.)

    With all respect, appreciation, understanding and compassion due my ancestors, I think religion has had it's place in the world. As a tool. Not for "gods", but for humans. I find it unfortunate when tools, including but not limited to illuminati type setups like the JWs, are persistantly and obstinately (mis)used to control, abuse and harm one another.

    I look forward to seeing what transpires from further human evolution in this regard.

  • R.Crusoe

    That is beautiful SPAZnik!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I have been in no less than 12 different congregations in various areas, regions, and cities. Most were different more or less from the others and to say the least, the Spanish brothers were generally a more amiable bunch. However the doctrine has been the same, no matter how nice or assholish the people that were spewing it were. So, no. I doubt my view would be different. Even if I went to 100 different congos.

  • SPAZnik

    thx, R.Crusoe.

  • DazedAndConfused

    No, I know the congreagation itself had nothing to do with me leaving.

    Bit of a background. I was disfellowshipped and then during the 'song and dance' of getting reinstated I really started to have doubts but I wanted so bad to get back into the fold I put them aside. When I was in this 'yessuh' (sorry for the implication) mode, I let all reason go out of my head and did almost everything I could to get reinstated.

    In this time of trying to get reinstated I studied like mad. I had books on my dining room table and read constantly. Ironically, they tell you to only read their propaganda yet that is exactly what took me away from the 'troof.'

    After months and months of begging and pleading and studying I got reinstated. I even jumped right into the TMS and field service. I remember early in '95, I think it was about Feb. or March, I was dressed for service and going to my front door to be picked up for service and saw on the table a Watchtower (I believe) and it had a picture of the Pope on it. Of course it was saying bad things about false religion. I was very upset. My thought was that we should not be worrying about other religions, we should be worrying about what it takes for us spiritually. What came to mind was the scripture about worrying about the splinter in someone else's eye while you have a rafter in your own eye.

    I don't remember if it was that particular day or one after that but I remember approaching a man in field service with my stale conversation starter. He had some objection (maybe not an objection.....maybe he just stated how he felt) and I remember going into a mode. I remember feeling my eyes glaze over and not hearing what the man said to me. But I do remember thinking while right in front of this man "I am just a salesperson."

    My doubts happened way before this but I refused to confront them. I wasted too many years to this cult.

  • greendawn

    I believe within any country the dubs will have a culture that is similar to the one prevailing in that country. This of course applies to countries like England but not necessarily to the USA which is very large and multicultural in which case we can talk about local cultures I suppose.

    Of the two I have been two they were both about the same except that the first one was far more materialistic due to the fact that its members were more wealthy and money minded. For them money and social status were just as important as for any "worldly" person.

    Both were rather cold and inhospitable with few exceptions.

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