different congregations

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  • Quirky1

    No, It would not have made a difference to me. I started awakening from the mind control slumber and something prompted me to research the doctrine, which the JW's do encourage you to do just not their own doctrine. So, I did. I encourage you to do the same and if you still beleive that what you have is right in your heart then it is the correct choice for you. The evidence that I found in my research brought me to the conclusion that it is not the only direct channel from "God", if there is one. I found too many "un truths" than truths. The lies, coverups, scandals, etc..for it to be the right path to follow. The mind control was a big issue with me also. I beleive in the freedom to express ones self freely without somene telling you how, what and when to do. So, does this make me or the other person bad because we do not beleive the same doctrine as the JW's? No. Even though there are bad and deceiving people out there not everyone is. Remember, God has the ability to read hearts an I feel if that is so and there is a God then he will have the ability to read mine and he will understand.


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