VERY BAD son is going to Bethel............

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  • oompa

    I can not describe the sadness of hearing him tell me, I asked him to think about what a great part time job he has, with free schooling. He says they will probably take him back. His abilities are suitable for closing down Brooklyn, so at least he will be there (I love NYC). It just kills me, but I will not say anything else and be the wet blanket, so I guess I will try and at least force a smile some....he already thinks I am a rotton ol' confused apostate with twisted reasonings...........I made him what he is....why won't he listen to me now????..................oompa

    such a bummer.......

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    In a way this could help him see the light. If you have been sharing with him the truth's about the troof, Bethel service will just re-inforce what you've been telling him. It took me all of 6 months to realize something wasn't right.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Sorry to hear this Oompa.

    If there's a silver lining to this, I'll share it. Look how many JWDers saw the light either AT Bethel or AFTER leaving. Seeing "how the sausage is made" at God's House might be what it takes to wake up your son.

    Don't give up hope.


  • oompa

    I swear right now I am sick to my stomach. He knows WT wrote me a load of turd as to why they added Jehovah to the NWT, then lied about it, and never ever explained what they have done in any article or talk. He saw the "no internet" research article and dang if one of the first things mentioned in is that that people were trying to see if the NWT was accurate or not (its NOT btw). I have been pretty damm anti-JW for two years now, but HAD to lay of talking about the past year, as it was only driving him away. Many here told me to back off, and I have, but nothing seems to ever have any effect on my wife and family, including my elder/ frustrating...................oompa

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    Well, initially this might be BAD NEWS...but it might have a silver lining...out of something bad, something good can come...there are many possibilities here. It sounds like you are pretty down about it now, but this might actually be all he needs to wake him up and see what is REALLY going on...

    If nothing else, be there for him when he comes to visit and always have a listening ear - you could have access to some information 'straight from the horse's mouth' as it were. Occasionally I hear some real juicy tidbits straight from the 'hornet's nest' when I have extended family visit - and some of it is really 'GOOD' news to me, although what they are doing is really spilling the beans on developments at the hub that seem to them to be attacks on 'God's organization' - little do they know how I treasure their little revelations!

    But I do feel for you, because it will initially be difficult.

  • restrangled

    Oompa, So sorry to hear of this and I know you must be stressed beyond belief.

    I think the best thing would be to let him know "when" he changes his mind that there is a place for him to land with you.... no questions asked. In the mean time stay strong.....

    Keep that door will be swinging sooner than you think!

    Love, r.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Oh crap a son in the "Zombie Legion" not very good Ompa.

  • Layla33

    "No one can walk the path of enlightenment for someone else, it is an individual journey."

    I feel your pain Oompa, but aren't there more than few post-Bethel people on here right now? Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, as he will see "the truth" up close and the hypocrisy up close and personal, so maybe it will be the nudge that he needs to get out for good...

  • new boy
    new boy

    My friend

    Let him go....the best thing there is, to destroy one's faith is a year at Bethel....if he even makes it that long.

    It kicked the hell out of my self righteousness.

    He will join the ranks of the "New Boys"

  • Tuesday

    From everything I hear, all the Bethel expiriences I read there's nothing more damaging to one's spirituality than going to Bethel. It's like self-righteousness' kryptonite.

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