Anyone know of specific subliminal pictures?

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  • R.Crusoe

    Even if there were images of a seven headed mountain goat with the loins of a sperm whale, what do images mean to day to day living?

    I mean - how can they affect life in general unless you attribute psychological value to them?

    For example, if you dont already fear an imaginary satan forged out of frightening imagery, how can an image of him impact upon you?

    The damage to you was done way back when film and literature and human language implanted fears of the unknown and imaginary in your mind as realities of harmful intent! The reality is they don't exist unless you come face to face with them which none of us ever have!

    So imagery perpetuates the circular fear around existing fears and so those who already have as a reality fear of the unknown will be amongst those who are ripe for JW circular reasoning conversions!

    Youngsters need educating in ways which help them disown unreasonable fears rather than being possessed by them - otherwise they are being preened for organised belief systems!

  • Sirona

    Some of the subliminal images in the Watchtower publications are very obvious and cannot be just "accidents".

    I remember checking my own copies of the books concerned years ago and being shocked!

    I don't think it shows evil influence or anything so dramatic. I think it shows that there are people in the art dept who get a kick out of it.


  • freetosee

    I don't think it shows evil influence or anything so dramatic. I think it shows that there are people in the art dept who get a kick out of it.

  • Sirona

    Sorry, but some of the images are not just accidents. Some so called subliminal art is just silly speculation, but other things I've seen myself are too clear to be accidental, they must have been painted in.


  • JCanon

    Probably "subliminal" is not truly what most of the imagery is, since a subliminal image would suggest something to the person who sees it and recognizes it. Thus they are more in line with cryptographic images. Like in "The Da Vinci Code" the curator paints a pentagram on his chest. The pentagram has a special meaning for the secret cults who recognize the symbolism. Others see the symbolism and may or may not associate it with anything specific. Therefore, the suggestion is secret communication to sub-cultic groups within the organization.

    This began early on when Russell put secret society symbolisms on the very cover of the magazines and publications, like the winged disk and the cross and the crown. The imagery of the Watchtower with the battlements are a secret code for the breasts of Artemis and the tower representing the goddess herself. To the non-initiated it just appears as a tower but for the initiated, they understand the representation in relation to cultic ideaology.

    For instance, once on the Watchtower magazines there was a scene with a snow-capped mountain from which ran forth a stream. The mountain, of course, represented the breast of Artemis, the Mother Goddess, and the water flowing forth the milk she provides, meaning the secret knowledge. Often you'll see imagery of a woman holding one breast as if to offer her tit. This is merely Isis-Isthar-Artemis offering secret knowledge and relates to Satan promising secret knowledge in the Garden of Eden upon which the mother goddesses are based upon: Satan, as the woman of wisdom and knowledge.

    Another secret reference is the "torrent valley" which was often a place of cultic sacrifices, the secret grove. The significance of the grove is that it imitates the female vulva and vagina and thus the crevice or grove of the goddess into which the worshipers worship. Thus intercourse and sexuality are part of the appeal of worshipping the goddess. That is the reference in the Bible where the goddess Ashera was associated with trees and the "groves", since the trees were lined up in way to create an isle or grove of the goddess herself, so that approaching the altar at the end of the grove was like entering her birth canal. Of course, this long "hall way" design leading to the altar imitates the vagina of the goddess.

    Also in the torrent valleys are found lots of smooth stones. The smooth stone is considered something ancient because once a large stone, over the years it is smoothed down and thus represents age. In Freemasonry there is the concept of three groups of people, one upper, one middle and one lower, with the idea that eventually the upper class would be forced to kill off first the lower class races, while the middle-class races are servants to the upper class for a while, but then eventually the middle-class races would be exterminated, leaving only the upper class race. Likely related though to the three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Japheth is the eldest son who would thus have to kill the descendants of Ham first and then Shem. That is, of the three races, Caucasian, Semitic and Hamitic, the Caucasian eldest son would exterminate first the Hamitic nations and then the Semitic nations. Thus the torrent valley association with the smooth cobblestones relates the preference of the goddess for Caucasians. Thus in Mithraism, the Lion kills the bull, is a central theme, focusing on how Mithras kills the black child, an ancient symbolism in ancient Caanan. (Lion killing black child)


    So the secret society cultic references within the WTS are a branch of "The Mysteries" that worship Artemis in the form of the Tower Goddess, the "goddess of fortresses", the goddess of the Watchtower. The emphasis on the battlements and thus breasts of the goddess along the wall and on the tower is likely considered an emphasis on secret knowledge and disinformation, which the WTS specializes in. But also, this is a cult that blends Christianity and the Bible most closely. Thus the pagan book of Song of Solomon assigns this imagery to the goddess herself at SOS 8:9, 10

    9 “If she should be a wall, we shall build upon her a battlement of silver; but if she should be a door, we shall block her up with a cedar plank.”

    10 “I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers.

    Note that the "7th Volume" included a line-by-line explanation of Song of Sololon, a book the secret Satanists know to be a secret pagan book in the Bible. The concept of the battlements on the wall is a direct reference in SOS to the goddess. But its quite subtle.

    SUMMARY: So again, the artwork seen in WTS publications are not really "subliminal" but cryptic; images that have special meaning for a secret cult operating within the organization. Some of the imagery can be understood but others not.

    HERE ARE TWO EXAMPLES of imagery that has an obvious application if you know some of the technical details:

    This is rather clever, actually. A dog depicted in the side of Jesus while he is impaled.

    This is not subliminal but cryptic imagery for Revelation 11:8 where it says..." 8 And their corpses will be on the broad way of the great city which is in a spiritual sense called Sod´om and Egypt, where their Lord was also impaled."

    This imagery thus cryptically interprets Revelation as suggesting that homosexuality is what impales Jesus. That is, Sodom is representative of homosexuality in the Bible (i.e. even the term "sodomy" comes from this reference in the Bible). A weakness is considered a "thorn in the side" and a dog is associated with homosexuality as well. So depicting a dog as a thorn in the side of Jesus that impales him, is cryptically represented in the artwork showing a dog in the side of the impaled Jesus, a reference to Jesus being impaled in Sodom.

    What's interesting about this, is it allows us to sort of read the cryptic minds of some in the WTS, in that they clearly interpret Revelation as referring to Jesus being homosexual at the second coming. But they can't dare talk about that directly with the members in the organization. This concept has to only be handled by the subcult within the organization who reference this potential understanding in the Bible. So while their text information glosses over this clear reference, they demonstrate the alternative meaning in their artwork. So they definitely know of some of the anointed who believed that Jesus would come back in the flesh at the second coming and become temporarily dead, spiritually speaking, because of his homosexuality issues. But they don't want to give the masses the idea of this alternative interpretation out there, so it ends up mimicked and mocked in their subliminal art.


    Finally another cryptic image is understood once you know enough facts. This is the image of a sleeping black face in the hand of Jesus that has already been mentioned.

    Now the sleeping black face basically means nothing subliminally. Plus anybody can clearly see this black face with the eyes closed so there is nothing subliminal about it. But those of the anointed who see the "sign of the son of man" know that the sign is a giant face of a sleeping black child, which represents the black, prodigal son messiah at the second coming that the secret anointed are expecting. As per above, they understand that the messiah at the second coming is "impaled in Sodom" and thus undergoes a spiritual death due to homosexuality issues. He overcomes those and returns to God's house as the prodigal son, ready to be the least servant in God's house, when God makes him the greatest and chooses him as the messiah over even the faithful "older brother." This doesn't set well with the older brother, of course, who refuses to go into the banquet to celebrate the prodigal son messiah chosen by the father. The GB are associated with the "older brother" class, who resent they were passed over, basically, so this might be some of this competition between the prodigal son choice of the messiah and the GB. Thus the GB who represents the older brother does not like and wants to reject the prodigal son messiah. But they ARE aware of this doctrine and they depict in their subliminal art, perhaps to mock the sub-cult anointed who believe the second coming in the flesh of a black gay male. They were aware that many had seen the same symbolism in the clouds of this sleeping black face, so they put that sleeping black face in the hand of Jesus. This means NOTHING to anyone and suggests nothing subliminally. But it does have meaning who have seen the sign of the sleeping black child's face.

    Now I saw the face before, I understood it was a deliberate image, but had no idea what cryptic message it was supposed to represent, until a friend of mine to whom the sign appeared sent me a copy of the sign of the son of man (which appeared on the anniversary of the sign which occurred on December 26, 1992). It was easy to understand what the sleeping black child referenced, since the second coming messiah is a gay black man who had been disfellowshipped for a while for homosexuality and thus was dead, spiritually speaking, for a while. But, of course, it then completely explained the same image of the sleeping black face in the hand of Jesus in the Revelation Book. Thus the sign was seen by other anointed and the WTS knows about it, but keeps it secret. Whatever, secret doctrines they don't want the masses to understand, they sometimes cleverly place in their "subliminal"/cryptic artwork. So these cryptic images do have meaning and messages for some but not for most.

    This kind of subliminal imagery, though, is very much a Freemasonry tool, who speak nothing directly but show it in their artwork. Another clear case of this is the fact that Christianity does not teach that Satan is a woman. Yet even on the Sistine Chapel ceiling you can see the Adam and Eve being given fruit by a woman who is half worman half snake. The depiction of Satan as a snake-woman is a cryptic, Satanic imagery of Satan, something Satanists understand, but the formal church doctrine says nothing about Satan being a woman. So again, you have what is written saying one thing, but the artwork proves they are aware of the "deeper things of Satan" that the general public don't understand, but that is acknowledged in their artwork.

    Thus Satanic cultics understand Satan is the "Mother Goddess" but the average Christian doesn't understand that. The Satanists understand that the Madonna and Child are based upon the cultic goddess and represents Satan himself/herself. But they don't let that be known to the average Christian--it's their secret. So while Christians think they are bowing down to Mary, the Satanists consider her the "Divine Feminine" expression of the original mother goddess in the Garden of Eden, the Snake-Woman Satan. That's one of the cultic themes, which is "the best place to hide something is in plain sight." When the uninitiated see it, it means nothing and is puzzling or interesting, like Satan depicted as a snake-woman, or the sleeping black face in the hand of Jesus. But once you know a little bit about Satanic concepts then it is easy to understand the cryptic message and reference.


  • Vida
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Revelation Climax, page 52, Kindly Respond


    I hope you find the above helpful ...


  • Vida

    The subliminal images are drawn subconsciously by the Watchtower art department.

    The problem is at the subconscious level of the Jehovahs Witness.

    Need I say more.

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