Anyone here do any sort of volunteer work?

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  • Layla33

    I have done and continue to volunteer in my spare time. I think it is rewarding and I have gotten as much from giving as those that received. One issue is making sure the organization that is affliated with volunteer work is reputable is on the up and up.

    I have worked with homeless people, delivered food to elderly people - still do that on Saturday mornings, taught people to speak English conversationally - still do that, counsel and mentor young females - still do that.

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    On Saturdays I volunteer at the local Soccer club, run a fundraiser sausage sizzle in the mornings and run the kitchen and bar in the evenings. At the end of May I am spending a day collecting for Womans Refuge. I love volunteer work as people appreciate what you can do more than the borg. They don't ask you why you havn't done more like in the field service.

    My hubby, Big mouth, also volunteers coaching a youth development soccer team of kids about 15 years plus and during the summer coaches 11-14 year olds at futsal.

    One of 12

  • Kenneson

    In the mornings I volunteer at the Soup Kitchen and in the afternoons at the State Library, where I do research and create files and compile info pertaining to Leon County and the city of Tallahassee.

  • flipper

    I try to help people deal emotionally with exiting mind control cults

  • JAVA

    I volunteer one Saturday a month as a mediator at our city mediation center. Most of the cases come through the courts, but it can include other types of mediation, too. It's a lot more fulfilling than bugging people Saturday mornings selling swill from the Tower.

  • real one
    real one

    volunteer work is a wonderful thing

  • Quirky1

    I used to do volunteer work......Knocking on doors, handing out literature etc, etc.....


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I haven't been able to do this recently, but I volunteered at a stable that teaches mentally and physically challenged children to ride horses. It was amazing to see how these children came alive on those horses.


  • Tuesday

    I do alot of shows for charities and as fundraisers for youth groups. I would like to do something more direct though, like help out in a soup kitchen or something.

  • leftbelow

    Yes I do work with Guardian ad litem as a child advocate.

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