Anyone here do any sort of volunteer work?

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  • cognac

    I've been thinking about becoming a foster parent, or doing some work at the local shelter or something. Just mulling over some ideas...

    Anyone have any experiences in it?

  • RubaDub

    I did 2 hours of street work in March.

    Rub a Dub

  • crazyblondeb

    I've done alot of work with the Red Cross. Especially with their trauma unit, going to a couple diasters, including the OKC bombing.

    I've also helped set up a crisis hotline, and women's shelter.

    I loved it all.


  • BrentR

    Used to be a volunteer firefighter/EMT and now I volunteer teach at my daughter's school a couple hrs each week. It's crazy and fun because each day it's a different grade (K-12).

  • MissingLink

    Cognac - I'd suggest you put the foster parent thing on the back burner. You got a lot going on with yourself right now. Take on something less critical and stressful.

    I was just talking to my wife about how we're doing nothing, and do be good "christians" (her view) or just "good citizens" (my view) then we really should be doing some sort of community work. The only thing we do now is pick up litter along the road near our house. I'd love to get involved in setting up playgrounds or maintaining parks or something like that.

  • cognac
    Cognac - I'd suggest you put the foster parent thing on the back burner. You got a lot going on with yourself right now. Take on something less critical and stressful.

    lol, yeah, I would be actually doing that now - maybe in the future. But, for now, I might volunteer at a hospital or something...

  • west123

    The past two years on spring break I've gone down to New Orleans for Katrina Relief with my college. We've helped build people's houses and clean up parks and such. It's a wonderful experience and the people are so greatful. I also volunteer at the animal shelter near my house, however, I only do it once in aw hile because I have a tendency to bring home animals...hence my three dogs, three cats, and misc birds and rodents..heh

    But definately do something, you feel great at the end of the day, knowing that you made a difference.

  • chickpea

    funny you should ask!

    even as i type this, i am waiting for the dryer to buzz so i can finish packing for a 2 day training seminar with the state chapter of MADD..... court monitor, community outreach and education are the areas i will be trained in

    the local animal shelter always needs volunteers! walk a dog! adopt a pet! we have 2 beautiful shelter girlz that run the show here.....

    clean your cupboard and donate to the food shelf.... shop at goodwill.....redirect your spending to organizations that support the fringe element of society

    read at the library for kids or go to a nursing home to read or participate in activities..... if you can play piano, you would be a godsend!..... for some reason they wont let me in with my bagpipes (seriously, just the chanter) but check THIS guy out!>>>>

    volunteerism is a huge spectrum of opportunity..... from joining a highway cleanup weekend to fostering a child...... dip your toes before you take a plunge

    good luck with this new awareness, mate.... you will love it

  • hillbilly

    4-H... I used to wrangle horses for a 4-H club that did Equine Therapy for disabled kids. Trained a few horses to work at a wheelchair ramp and worked with a few kids with problems .... blind, emotional things... we even had a little girl with spinal bifida riding in our group. Several of our kids were chair-bound.

    Most of our kids needed a horse leader and side walkers to assist them.. we did have a few who could ride independently.

    Finding and training horses who can deal with the hub-bub is a challenge ... We had several horses around with some experience with therapy work... we had to haul them in from their owners to meeting sights.


  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I have done all kinds (besides my JW pioneer work).

    I STRONGLY urge you to think about which cause and group will
    get the gift of your services.

    Make sure it is a cause that you truly care about, and do it
    for a group that will TRULY appreciate your sacrifice.

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