Do you think JWs actually care if they convert people or not?

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  • LouBelle

    The reason I ask this is because when I was on the field way back in the day - I really couldn't be bothered if the householder was interested or not. If they took literature and paid for it (we asked a certain price for literature before it all became on a donation basis) it was a bonus, plus meant money for a cooldrink / tea & cake afterwards.

    Actually I would prefer it if they weren't interested so I could get away from the door - sometimes their ""conversation stoppers"" made too much sense and I couldn't answer back.

    That meant I didn't convert anybody. Do you think most of the JWs' are like that today? I mean do the rank and file really care? Did you?

  • Hope4Others

    I think if they do find anyone interested enough to study they will pass it to someone else soon after because it is way too much work and

    responsibility. Many just go out Saturday am because they feel they have to not want to, its so monotenous.


  • Hope4Others

    Hey, Happy Birthday!


  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    Some few enthusiasts might care, but most dubs will be happy just to collect their hours for the record.

  • R.Crusoe

    I was perpetually worried that I could not help others see their way to salvation!!

    So how GONE was I???

    Unbelievable - what crock they spout!

  • helenhall

    i would say most in my cong dont care, they are just putting in time. they go out bec they have to, if they didnt then i think the ministry hours would drop by 70percent.

    until recently i always wanted to really convert people, thats why i have always had bible studies. i currently have two. the problem is going when you arent sure you believe it yourself. pretty grim.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hi Lou,

    I can say that there are some that do care and others that do not care. I have known a handful of jw's that have done all they can in service in order to win souls. However, the vast majority of jw's in my experience have not cared. An example of both lies within my own family. My father in law and his wife. He has been baptized over 50 years and has brought in 17 or 18 people. He was never a pioneer, but did this by going to service on Saturdays and actually conducting studies. He has been sick all his life since he was about 20 years old. And has been all but inactive for over 10 years. That was the last time he brought anyone in. In stark contrast is his wife. She is my wife's stepmom and has been in the jw's so-called truth since the early 70's. When she married my father in law 20 years ago, she began pioneering. She has not stopped or even taken a break in her pioneer service in all those years. She has never hit a month that she did not get all her hours in. She has brought in 3 people in 20 years and not even her own kids or grandkids are in. As a matter of fact, since they moved here from Sacramento, she has brought in no one. And the three she brought in were a shared catch since my father in law studied with the husbands. She goes out and fights with people. In fact she told me that nothing makes her happier than to engage someone in an argument and raise everyone that is involved's blood pressure. So, there are two extremes that I have first hand knowledge of. Most of the jw's I know are like her......

  • OnTheWayOut

    As mentioned, some care and some don't.

    That's the beauty to the leaders of this mind-control cult.

    You have many seriously dedicated ones who will move to wherever you will send them
    or put forth all kinds of effort to convert new ones over to the cult. They pioneer or
    dedicate what time they have.

    You have others who, while not doing as much, can be guilted into contributing money
    and still sell literature for free. Some of these give/raise just as much money as the
    highly motivated recruiters.

    Lately, their problem is that so many members are not giving as much as they used to.
    They are not guilted into reaching into their wallets deeply, they get out in the field and
    just hand out stuff. People have grown tired of this cult.

  • Casper

    I'd say some of the older ones in my congregation did their best to convert people, others wanted studies just to brag that they had them. I cared, but there was too much controversy in my mind to be sincere about what I was saying at the door.

    sometimes their ""conversation stoppers"" made too much sense and I couldn't answer back.

    This happen to me a lot. I loved talking to the elderly...but then, I would find myself agreeing with them, and wishing I had faith like they did about their own religion...


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The slooooooow Pioneer shuffle we did, meant we had no serious sense of a house talk for 15 minutes shuffle to the next for 10 minutes do a house.........of course getting someone baptised was 50 Kingdom points!!

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