Do you think JWs actually care if they convert people or not?

by LouBelle 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • boyzone

    I can't remember caring if nobody I spoke to came in. For me the important thing was to do the time and place the mags. One sister I know has been pioneering for 15 years and hasn't brought anyone to baptism. When I asked her how she felt about this, she just said it shows the preaching work is pretty much done here in the UK.

    Now that I've been disassociated a year I can see things from the "other side" as it were. For example there was supposed to be 19 auxillary pios in the cong in March, and a real buzz for the work locally, but I haven't seen ONE witness out in service. I haven't seen them on street corners, working the street or out and about. And I definately haven't been called on. As I live on a small island off the south coast of the UK, youd've thought I'd have seen them somewhere!

    Cant help but think they really overestimate the impact they have on the daily lives of people

  • greendawn

    Some really dedicated ones care especially if they are trying to impress their superiors in order to get promoted inside the org to higher and more prestigious positions. But most do not care they are just coerced into doing it by the subtle and not so subtle mind control techniques applied on them by the FDS so that he can reap benefits from their labours.

  • Honesty

    Why try to convert them when they will all be resurrected into paradise anyway.

    If you convert them and they leave Jehovah's visible organization they will not be resurrected unles they return to Jehovah's visible organization.

    It was always better to let them live out their lives in ignorance.

    Besides, Armageddon has been just around the corner for over 5 generations.

  • potleg

    The facts speak for themselves:

    Few do, most don't (Care enough to put real effort into FS)

    A fraction will, The majority won't (Try to convert others)

    If Field service became a conscience matter who would still go out? 5% 10%...

  • flipper

    LOUBELLE - I really did care when I pioneered and once thought the " witness cult " was the answer for all mankind ! LOL! I was so duped I thought we had the answer for people. I didn't do it for position or notoriety; just wanted to save people. Now - I'm trying to save and help people who get out of the cult ; times sure change , eh ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • potleg

    When I pioneeed I can honestly say that I hated field service and conducting bible studies. I tried to not let it show. But I figured I'd made a dedication to God so I should do the best I could but the conformity in the way you study and what you study didn't sit well with me. It felt wrong. How can I explain it,... I cared about people but not for the WT forced indoctrination. They always seemed heavy handed and lacking in genuine love. You will do as we say otherwise you will be punished.

    Then I began to see the lies and deciet of the WT and I realized I was being manipulated by them. Talk about loading people down with heavy burdens...

    (One of my studies did get baptized...oops, sorry.)

  • Shawn10538

    I realize now that I was one of the very few, I'm talking .01% of the JWs that was actually dedicated to converting others. I would debate with anyone, anytime. I never backed down. I was relentless. Still, I never converted a single person, but I wanted to.

    I have secret studied with so many witnesses, and it's always the same. They only want to talk to sheeplike ones! Baaaa baaaaa! If there is the sightest resistance by the study, they are dropped like a hot potato.

    Reading some of your posts here it seems like most of you were exactly the same as the witnesses I run into - #ussies! first of al most of you were having sex when I wasn't (I'm still bitter about that you assholes!). Then I come to find out I was the only one really going toe to toe with these people and engaging with them in the field service. I studied with some people for years and years and they never got baptized but I never dropped them. They even became my friends some of them. Damn, I wish I I associated with you guys back then. I would have never become a pioneer and I would have had lots of sex. My life totally sucks.

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