one aspect of mind control is thought control by using "loaded language"

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  • chickpea

    book study, bible study, personal study, watchtower study, family study, progressive study

    study is just dusty spelled sideways

  • blondie
  • megaflower

    Thanks Blondie, great info, good site!

  • WTWizard

    All the deals, agreements, and classes that essentially mean the exact same thing. They were put there by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger to confuse people and make them waste all their time studying. I never learned them--anyways, why learn something that is only going to be wrong by the time I master it?

  • R.Crusoe

    Love Jehovah your god with your whole mind, heart and and soul...

    but remember the heart is treachorous and the spirit is weak and the mind can be tricked by satan!

    Which sorta means when you think you are you may well not be! - What a crock of circles they taught me to think in!

  • RebelWife

    Oh, please. Happifying? No. Please tell me they don't really say that. Is it commonly used? I want to tell my husband about this Retard-Orama "word" I've run across. Mouthpiece of God. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Quirky1

    Let's not forget....."Gettogethers"!


  • hamsterbait

    Just try reading a translation of any of the Government approved newspapers in China.

    It is so eerily like reading the kingdumb Misery or the new Kool-aid Watchtower.

    A friend of mine just came back from a visit there, and she said it is scary - pollution, AIDS, Tibet, lack of free speech, industrial scale capital punishment (don't use those collagen creams ladies!!) none of it is happening.

    In the Witchtower, child abuse massive defection of the young, none of it is happening. By admitting it, they see the parody of paradise for what it is - a SHAM.


  • chickpea

    whole-souled..... like a worn out shoe

  • llbh

    The WTS subjugate a whole group of people by using the word sister. They thus make them lesser beings. How outrageous!

    It sounds fraternal, this is the mind control aspect



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