one aspect of mind control is thought control by using "loaded language"

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  • megaflower

    We all know the WTS has its own set of words and expressions that make them unique and sets them a part from other organizations. Lets see how many we can come up with. I'll start

    1. Field service

    2. Return visit

  • flipper

    MEGAFLOWER - " Other Sheep ", " Little Flock " for starters

  • Fadeout

    Whoa. This list could encompass just about the entire English language, because nearly every word has a different meaning for JWs than for everyone else.

    In Orwell's 1984, part of the Party's strategy was to literally write a new dictionary. By controlling language, they would rob them of the linguistic ability to express or even think in terms critical of the Party. So in keeping with the theme "suppression of dissent":

    3. Murmuring/murmurer
    4. Apostate
    5. Disassociate
    6. Disfellowship
    7. Independent thinking
    8. Judicial committee
    9. Public reproof
    10. Marking
    11. Private reproof
    12. The brothers
    13. Spirit-directed
    14. Prideful
    15. Keeping in step
    16. Running ahead

  • dinah

    Oh Gawd!

    Turn in your time, system of things, worldly, new light, pioneer. I could go on, but it's making my head hurt.

  • bigmouth

    arrangement, e.g. marriage arrangement, book study arrangement etc. etc.
    "Do we not.......?" followed by clapping.
    Happifying, yes, really.

  • megaflower

    Brothers,are we not all in one accord? excuse me-cough cough

  • OnTheWayOut
    Brothers,are we not all in one accord?

    That's the day I dream of. The day all the JW's are in one accord.

    Honda Accord, that is.

  • Robert7

    Negative connotation to the outsiders:


  • avishai

    "the truth"

  • avishai

    "As we know" "everyone knows" etc.

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