one aspect of mind control is thought control by using "loaded language"

by megaflower 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • sooner7nc

    "Corridor cruisers and cuties". Hell, for a long time I thought the only place you could meet women was in corridors. If I went to a dance or party that was held in an open area I was totally lost.

  • greendawn

    "To serve where the need is greater" so as to please "our loving mother which is jehovah's organisation" and we will also keep our distance from "worldly people" who belong to the devil and under his direction disobey our god jehovah. We will hold fast to "the truth" as given to us by our "god directed faithful and discreet slave".

    Comment: As if God gives two pence worth for their foolish organisation.

  • odie67

    "The brothers"

    My husband(not a jw) hates that term with a passion

    He's says: " who 'n' the hell is the brothers? what the hell does that mean!? who are they!?"

    whenever he has too much to drink he says that, it soooo funny. cause my response is: " I don't know baby, why are you worried about it?"

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