JW weddings gone bad. A story from my old congo.

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  • uwishufish

    Middle Tenn late 70s. First there was the child the high school girl had out of wedlock. The term rape was bandied about after she began to show. It was not called rape until it was too late.

    This of course was not a love child of she and her future husband but more like the product of sorid back room sex at the highschool.

    The child was born of African and Anglo blood. Boom She gets DFed!

    During her time as a Dfed person other unspeekable tradgedies befall her. With no moral support available from her spiritual leaders.

    Now we fast forward. She has been reinstated and is an avialable sister with a ready made family. Some new young brother moves into the hall. After a short courtship a date is set. Oh happy day.

    Not so fast! The groom leaves her standing at the alter (the front of the KH). Thats rigtht he came to his senses and was a no show.

    Please relate your stories of JW weddings gone bad.

  • XOCO

    Damn thats [email protected]*&^ up it's too bad that i don't know of any stories to shrare like this but it is a good thing that i don't.


  • zeroday

    One JW wedding I attended the elder giving the wedding talk went on and on and on way over the top with the marriage being a 3 twined rope with the husband wife and Jehovah...in the middle of the talk he paused shuffled his notes and a look of panic came over him...he then stammered "I left the rest of my notes at home" the bride was visibly embarassed and the groom fuming...he then said well I guess we should say the vows now........

  • zeroday

    Another JW wedding I attended...the courtship was a wirlwind romance and very rushed...the elder turns to the groom and asks him "Do you take (mentions her name) to be your wife" the groom said "WHO"?....

  • OnTheWayOut

    This guy was all set to marry this gal. He thought he knew her so well, as they had been
    dating for several months. Everything was all set for the wedding- who was in it, what date
    it would be, etc. A band and a reception were booked, someone agreed to cater it.

    Well, as the day is a couple weeks away, some people had been telling him that their
    knowledge of her is that she is "unstable." He scoffed at them. Her family wasn't in her
    life, so he just had what he observed and a few who dared to say something to him to go by.

    He finally decided that this was the woman he was going to spend his life with, and any of
    her friends that would say things about her were not great friends. So he decided to say
    something to her. "A couple of your friends say that you've had episodes of instability in
    your past."

    Well, she just snaps at him- totally out of control. "How dare they say that." "I suppose you
    believe them, huh." All the stresses of the wedding and holding it in all these months comes
    to the surface. I don't know the rest of what she said, as this was all he could clearly relate
    to us (the elders assigned to see why he cancelled the wedding at the last minute).

    Well, she had moved into our congregation during the engagement. We didn't know her before.
    The cong. was kind of merciless to him. So he moved out, but not so far that we didn't see
    him every now and again. She stayed with us. We got to know her. She was a total whack
    job once she got tired of pretending to be normal. She got worse and worse as time went on.
    I don't know how she held herself together for so long.

    It became a cong. joke when dealing with her: "She almost made it to the wedding, almost."

  • worf

    R O F L O L , at these jw wedding stories!


  • dinah

    Yep, Praise the Lord, I didn't get caught up in one!

    Matches made based on obedience to a Borg.

  • worf


    You got that right.


  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    A story from a Norwegian congo:

    The elder elder turns to the groom and asks "Do you take (her name) by your side to be your wife". The groom (a very "funny" guy) says slowly "well...", and acts like he is not decided yet. The elder gets pissed, slams the Bible together and cancells the wedding in the same moment.

    The couple and their families has to rush out on town to get worldly married in a hurry before the party... I wasn't there myself but I gues the party mood was pretty strange this time...

  • B_Deserter

    This woman I used to know was desperate to get married, but unfortunately very picky about who she liked, which could be a good thing I guess. Anyway, she started dating this young brother who had problems with homosexuality in the past. They got engaged very quickly. The night before the wedding, he calls it off. Turns out he wasn't just "struggling" with being gay. The night before the wedding was supposed to happen, he went off to a gay bar and had himself a man-orgy.

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