JW weddings gone bad. A story from my old congo.

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  • BFD

    I have a story about a JW wedding gone good...My oldest sister.

    She roped in a worldly guy, got him baptised, and the day they were married in the KH she grew up in was the last day either of them set foot in a KH ever again. That was in 1976


  • new boy
    new boy


    I remember one like that too...It was the Azusa Califorina Congergation about 1968.

    This guy come into the "truth" to marry this sister, has they are walking out of the hall after the wedding...He turns to her and says "Thats the last time I'm ever going back in there!" Their marriage ended about 10 years later.

  • gaiagirl

    I attended a wedding which went fairly smoothly until the actual vows. The elder giving the talk told the groom to repeat after him, and said a half-dozen words..."I, (name witheld), do take you (name also witheld)".
    The groom attentively looked at the elder and began to repeat the words which had been spoken by the elder "I, (name witheld), do take.." when his bride urgently whispered (amplified by the microphone into which they were speaking), "Look at ME!".

  • SoJo16

    Elder who happens to be a doctor and his anointed wife have an adult son who's married to a pretty young sister and the couple have a young child. Before long, the anointed wife is off to her heavenly reward and the son is disfellowshipped. Must have been for fornication, because wouldn't you know, the pretty young sister divorces the disfellowshipped son and marries the doctor elder (grand)dad. The child is a prominent part of the wedding ceremony.

    And you thought you had daddy issues.

  • Vidiot

    At this point in my life, I think the institution of marriage is kind of overrated.

    (Not that I want to break up with my wife.)

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