Our friend is gone now

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  • 2tired2care

    I am new to this forum but the reason I joined is because Im fed up. The death of one of my wifes friends was the last straw. She was a faithful sister who was loyal to her husband children and friends and they found her dead in her car about a month ago. She committed suicide, from what we gathered she just could not hold on any longer plus she was dealing with some emotional issues. Why does this sort of thing go unchecked? We hear of this kind of tragedy affecting alot of people but it really hits home when its someone you know. We loved her very much first time I met her we had words but soon we became good friends(real genuine friendship) I believe God has a plan for all of us when we pass on, We both want to see her again and I know we will. The WTS really hurts alot more people than they realize, it took the death of a friend to open our eyes to the truth of our families situation and this saddens us very much. The WTS is right about one thing this is the time of the end but they are not free from judgement as they may think the veil of lies and deciet is slowly being lifted and I sincerely believe that what is happening now is Gods will. Gods judgement is reserved for ALL who prey upon others not just those who are a part of "Christendom". She often told us about her feelings of inadequacy, wished she could do more in "service" to God and she felt he was disappointed in her. Her husband that she left behind is a good man he loved her very much.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is so tragic when people that need help and seek it from God only get rebuffed by His so-called Organization. I can't give you an answer, but I can offer an ear to listen and a chance to voice yourself, as will everyone in here. Welcome.

  • oompa

    Sorry about your friend, but WTS can make us all 2 tired 2 care. They can certainly make us feel inadaquate...that we can never do enough............very sad........oompa

  • llbh

    Hi 2tired2 care

    Welcome to JWD

    I am so sad to hear of your the death of your freind

    The wts does make the lives of people very hard for so many reasons, like trying to support a family in a low paid job.

    They are also incredidbly chauvenistic

    I do hope you find some comfort here



  • mouthy

    Welcome to JWD I too am so sorry to hear of the loss of a dear friend. There was a list some where on internet when I first got on ( not on here) I think David Reed had it. Of all the names of Jehovahs Witnesses that had killed themselves.

    Trouble is. they still continue to make people feel worthless unless they are getting in all meetings, Pioneering, placing lots of WT & Awakes & Books. Oh what a wicked web they weaved when Russell started to deceive

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sorry to hear about the friend's passing.

    Sorry that there are no answers from God's chosen people.
    WTS teaches it's elders to just have one answer for depressed
    people- the same answer that they give everyone else.
    "Do more, more, more." (Service, meetings, literature reading, praying)
    "If you do more, you will feel Jehovah's blessings upon you."

    Many depressed ones do not feel Jehovah's blessings because they
    really need to do less- learn to relax- remove the pressure.

    When a depressed one still feels no blessing from Jehovah, they sometimes
    conclude that Jehovah is disappointed in them, or has rejected them.
    That can lead to suicide attempts.

  • Sirona

    Sorry about the loss of your friend.

    I knew a JW who did the exact same thing. He was a man in his 20's.

    Unfortunately, this cult puts lots of guilt onto people. It also makes life almost unbearable if you want to leave.

    I remember being JW and thinking that I was supposed to be "joyful" because a fruitage of God's holy spirit is "joy". If I wasn't joyful, I didn't have God's spirit! This leads to people pretending to be happy because they think they have to look happy in order to fit in in the congregation.

    Suicide results from lack of all hope...and this cult, whilst not being directly responsible for someone's personal decisions, certainly contributes to maladjusted thinking.


  • Hope4Others

    Life can become so over whelming being a jw that for some they choose this way to

    leave. It is very sad indeed that red flags did not help her and I am sorry you lost a good friend.


  • R.Crusoe

    It is the WTS that piles on the depression!!

    It is impossible for them to remove it!!

  • chickpea

    very sorry for the loss you and others are dealing with.... i hope all who mourn will find genuine comfort

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