The end of marriage?

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  • llbh
    Money is king and the world is sadder for it!!

    Not always, but many for this is a sad reality.

    I went to see a lawyer the other day, it turns out that my wife - a fervent JW who has never worked siince having our first child is entitled to about 63% of your joint assets. She refuses to work amd i work i my ass off.

    I have no problem with her getting a fair share of our assets, she has done a great deal in bringing up 3 lovely children, I just object to her getting greater than 50% when she refuses to work and to do her wts things

    I am about to draw a line under this and she will as a result probably never have to work again.

    My situation is unusual i know. Many women like momz get a raw deal on many fronts. and as a general rule women do come off worst. Also the chilren suffer too, this is the saddest part.



  • R.Crusoe

    A situation I know of is where a guy with wife and kids works for years and funds his wfes higher education whilst children are grown enough to allow it!

    She passes out and into a proffession far higher paid than his but splits with him in the process taking equity and child maintenance so he has to rent a home and pay maintenance and look for a partner interested in guy with all this financial commitment and no spare cash plus all the emotional rape of the co dependency he had on caring for his kids and being an integral part of their futures etc.

    She is able to buy her own place and is a in good situation for a partner !

    Some females would make better soldiers than men due to their harmful intent!

    Back stabbing is their speciality and usually cold calculated and permanent!

    But why would they put their life on the line when they can explore their hidden desires on homesoil?

    And hearing women say this is what they put up with 50 yrs ago is how many view such like situations!

    Makes many a man wonder what women really have to offer apart from delayed shock syndrome???

    One thing for sure - love is off the menu lest its paid for!!! Which sorta means it wasn't in the first place!

  • berylblue

    Oh, no - R. Crusoe - you're a Brit! I thought you were sexy, but now I'm in love..

    Everything you say CAN be true, but is not always true. There ARE women out there who don't care what a man's financial situation is. And there are plenty of MEN who are out after money.

    Many of us realize that a relationship is a team effort with BOTH making contributions - including the stay at home wife or husband.

  • R.Crusoe

    NJow lady - morning is just a moment away and we are oceans apart so chill out because even I do not extend that far!

  • VoidEater

    If there were fewer marriages, perhaps we would see fewer divorces.

    Perhaps then marriage can be seperated from certain traditional entanglements, such as a license for sex, and become something more meaningful, such as a commitment to go through life together.

    I suppose a lot depends on what you see marriage as being - is it primarily a property covenant? a power of attorney? indentured servitude? child-rearing arrangement? citizenship tool?

    Hey, hey, folks! New Shimmer is *both* a dessert topping *and* a floor wax!

    Perhaps too much is placed in the "marriage basket" - it is expected to serve too many needs, and when some aspects fail the entire support structure is ditched.

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