I Missed Memorial - First time in 30 years! Thanks to you!

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  • flipper

    WITNESS 007- Congrats to you my friend for missing ! After 44 years being raised a witness, getting out 4 year ago at age 44 - I missed my 2nd memorial in a row this year. First time was last year ! And my witness daughter didn't even question me on why I didn't go ! You'll find out why soon- I'll start a hread about my communication with her ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • WTWizard

    I hope I had something to do with at least one person deciding to blow off the REJECT Jesus party.

  • JosephMalik


    You know that you can still make it this year. Just get yourself a nice bottle of red wine and some matzah at the grocery and observe it yourself at home on Saturday, April 19 after dark. That is when the Jews have their Passover this year and even if you are a month late that is ok and was allowed. All this bunk about it is only for the anointed? They made that up you know to control you. Paul was talking against the gluttons and the drunks and not anointed and non anointed disciples. Everyone that is baptized is supposed to partake.


  • Sasha

    WAIT...this is better

    Two sisters came by yesterday and I was outside, so I said to these 2 sisters (who I knew for years from all the meetings, etc.) "Oh, you brought me my invitation to the memorial" and they said "No, that is over already" and I said (Being out of the truth now for 2 plus years after 40 in and out)

    "what can you mean, It is always on the full moon on or about Passover."

    So what's up with that? Can anyone tell me why the memorial (Not that I was going) was on such an early date this year. This is a first to me and again I have experience for 40 years.

    Anyway, these two sisters never regognized me. And they were friends!!! They had come by with the invite to the talk they always have after the memorial (ABOUT ARMEGEDDON)

    So they asked me if I knew who the ruler of this world was and I said Satan. They said "ANYDAY NOW", It was not the day to argue with them so I took literature, looked it over and said "Oh, yeah, all the preachers on TV are saying that, but not till 2012 or 2018. Can't they see that sooooo much has to happen first???? Of course they are not allowed to view anything "Apostate" so they are still in they're little cult world and nothing has changed. One day, I will get out the 4 pages I typed with rebuttals and questions that they will never be able to answer. LOVE TO ALL

  • Sasha

    Yes, I too have taken the Memorial at home with wine and matzo. Read some Bible versus. That was last year, but this year, again, what was up with it so close to "Easter" instead of Passover, when they normally have it??????????????

  • still_in74
    One day, I will get out the 4 pages I typed with rebuttals and questions that they will never be able to answer. LOVE TO ALL

    you should start a topic and post those 4 pages...

    I would love to see them!

  • Sasha

    still in? does that mean you are "still in?"

    I will do that very soon, have done so in the past, I am a senior member, but will pull it out and rehash just for you and anyone interested.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Just to let you all know I have never missed the Memorial....I mean I don't miss them...I don't even care about them and I certainly don't miss them....do you?

  • Sasha

    No, I don't "miss" them at all. It was always the exact same text and quite frankly, I found it very stressful....Although many years ago, I used to feel in a trancendental state....Like I was on LSD. I don't think it was good. I find it a yearly event to cart out the "annointed" for they're once a year event and then lock them back up. They are not on the governing body, just people that "claim" that they are going to heaven to rule with Christ, you know one or more of the 144,000. I was told by the witnesses for over 40 years that each year the amount would get lower and lower, with them getting old and passing away. Then they changed that, to say more younger ones were being "Enlightened"???????Whatever

  • still_in74
    still in? does that mean you are "still in?"


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