Hope everyone survived the big day!

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  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Managed to scrape past my seventh consecutive absence. What was funny was someone I know who went said that the speaker was talking about how many of the anointed ones were alive on the earth today, and slipped in the fact that there were 9 thousand and something. Wonder how many there were thinking in the back of their mind "Uhh…? I’m sure they said 8 thousand and something last year……??".

    Would loved to have been there just to ask a few awkward questions.


    Eating chocolate eggs on the night of the memorial…….Tut Tut……. The Devils Mass of wicked emblems. You naughty thing you…….

  • sspo

    First Memorial missed in 33 years and it did not bother me a bit.

    It felt good not being there and faking it. In all those years , i always had doubts about the 144k being chosen.

    I hope many partook and bring the numbers even higher.

  • free2think
    Eating chocolate eggs on the night of the memorial…….Tut Tut……. The Devils Mass of wicked emblems. You naughty thing you…….

    LOL i know.

  • Leolaia

    Had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then went to Starbucks, then came home and watched an episode of Torchwood. :))

  • flipper

    Even though I've been out of the witnesses 4 years - this was the 2nd year in a row I missed . It felt good not going because of pressure from family , although my " nicer " of 2 witness daughters 21 years old called me , and called her older brother " inviting " us to go in our areas where we live. It was challenging because I had not talked to my witness daughter in 9 months . There was more - but I will post a thread about it on Monday

  • yknot

    Talk about disasters!

    A couple of Elders thought it would be 'Great!" to save $$$ and have the English Congo have their Memorial at the KH after the Spanish Congo.

    It started at 9pm and ended at 10:20pm

    Parents with small children spent most of the Memorial (9:20-10pm) out in the parking lot soothing cranky tired children up way past their bedtimes (or kids put to sleep in cars/suburbans). So while the Former Bethelite (mid-50s) who now has been put out to pasture reassigned received oohs and ahhs like he was rocking the podium like a GB member spent most of the time talking to only about 45 sheeple. He started off with why using the "real" emblems was so important. He highlighted his story with prisoners making wine out of fermented red grapes or soaked raisins despite if being caught with the alcoholic brew could be sentenced to longer periods of incarceration. All I could think about was how Jesus said to do things in spirit and to have the love of God in ones heart. I mean what is more important here ritual or spirit? I just felt sick that they would have people in banned countries or those just not in position to obtain the "right" kind of wine make such sacrifices for what Jesus meant as symbolic. I am convinced more then ever that the correctness of the emblems versus the desire to remember Jesus and have a moment to partake in the symbolic sacrifice of Christ is far more important.

    That is all that I heard of the Memorial as my 3yrs old was just as cranky as the others. I understand that my 8yrs (sitting with 3 of her friends) old fell asleep during the passing of wine and the Former Bethelite decided to have her woke up and then made a little joke at her expense (she is a very sensitive child). She feels 'totally humilitated' and said she isn't going to anymore meetings (she has always had the option to stay at home with her dad)

    The main talk out in the lot (we had warm weather with a very pleasant breeze) was how stupid it is to have to bring kids to the KH late at night to go to meetings. We all relived our stories from childhood about being tired the day after BS and TMS. At least 5 of us are going to boycott the BS/TMS for the month of April (bet the others will enjoy the break of having to haul everyone to the KH or study home).

    Well that was my night....

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic


    So did you break up the Easter egg, put it on a silver plate, and offer it around…..??

    If so….why was I not offered some……..??

  • Hope4Others

    My mom just called she lives over and hour away, chit chatted to no get up and did not say a word about memorial,

    I think she has to know by now that I have not been to one memorial or meeting for years and years I stopped counting. I can't remember, it has to

    be at least over 5 years (brain fog) for memorial anyways. I just am dumb founded she never asks!


  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    We had friendsover for supper last night - Penne with Chorizo, Tomato and Cream, Crusty Portuguese Bread, Tiramisu and copious amounts of red wine.

    Deliciously drunken, loads of laughing and a hangover of note.

    Boy did I not feel like waking up at 6 to hide easter eggs for the kids!

    I am still not feeling great emotionally though - things are very strained between my mom and I and I am avoiding seeing my parents because of the tension between us... still very unsettled!

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic
    I just am dumb founded she never asks!

    Maybe the "spirit" has let her know……

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