Did you ever buy from Ebay?

by JH 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gopher

    This video shows some of the stuff I want from Ebay:


  • kurtbethel

    I got an EGS Spectrum card for my Amiga A2000, and some assorted other goods. Specialized and vintage computers are well served on eBay.

    I also got some ham radio gear there. I have sold some too, like radio crystals, and vintage electronics.

    A couple tips to make eBay friendlier, pay attention to feedback, and never bid higher that what something is worth to you. I often snipe a bid in the last few seconds. I do my homework about what something is worth and allow for shipping and then make one bid at my maximum. If someone outbids me, then it is obviously more valuable to them and they deserve it. Move on.

  • Dagney

    (That's funny Gopher!)

    I've bought things here and there and have had no problem. If something seems like a set up, driving the price up, I leave.

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