Why exactly do you come to this board?

by R.Crusoe 61 Replies latest jw experiences

  • chickpea

    once found, this site has been a path to recovery in terms of being able to deconstruct the thinking of a faithful drone in the b0rg....

    all the effort made by members to keep up with the "new light" (aka same soup, different bowl ) is actually what keeps me coming back..... i never miss a watchtower study or a V video, blondie has such in depth info..... so many others that really dig, research and reveal information that makes a departure from the collective the only sensible course.... whether it is now or at some future date, considering that each circumstance is unique

    i think it all adds up to being able to see thru the veil that was so carefully woven by the FDS, albeit with my consent and contribution...... but i am getting over it

    like oompa said.... there is a common sense of betrayal that cannot be understood outside the experience....

    the frosting on the cake ..... most of you guys are hilarious!!!


  • kwr

    I come here to keep up on the world of the Watchtower. I can find out what is going on and the latest publications are often posted here. While I have studied JW doctrine I have never been a JW. I have no access to their publications and the offficial JW site has very little useful information.

    I am also concerned about JW human rights in countries that suppress freedom of religion. While I don't agree with JW's on theology I want them to have the freedom to express their views.

  • DanTheMan

    Having JWism in your past and having gotten out of it makes for a personal history that many who have never experienced it have a hard time understanding.

  • One true Jesus Freak
    One true Jesus Freak

    I come here to find answers that will hopefully save my family one day.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Well, the short answer is that I consider most of the people who come here to be part of my "community of the heart," even if I don't always agree with the conclusions they've drawn.

    Most of us here have shared a common experience -- we've been members of a "we're not a CULT!"

    I also come here to hob-nob with my fellow wizards, warlocks and witches of all denominations.

    - Nathan Natas, aka "Pastor Charles Taze Muscle," First Church of Man Without Gods

    They also know how to take a joke -- most of the time.

  • Pickled

    I thought I was immune and then without noticing at first I nearly got sucked into a cult. The tactics were manipulative, covert, and 100% agenda based. When the scales dropped off, all the lying to me pissed me off. So I came to this first board ever to share every sliver of thoughts that I can muster about it until I feel I have let it go and/or helped to prevent just one other person from getting sucked in as well. I may be here a while to accomplish either, and I apologize in advance for any debates, arguments, only seeing my own side for now, suspicion toward anyone sympathetic to the WTBTS, overly critical or hammer like statements, or general crankiness about the topic in general. If I get carried away just tell me to put a cork in it. I take suggestions well.


  • Maddie

    I come for the reasons other posters have given, but mostly because true understanding and compassion is only possible from those who have the same painful experiences. I have found compassion on JWD and it has given me hope and strength, especially at my darkest times. Thank you posters I love you all!


  • jamiebowers

    To keep up with the WTB&TS. Although I know it would be against their best interests, I have this overwhelming fear that the borg is going to do something crazy, like mass suicide or something. My mom is still in. If I ever got wind of something like that, I don't know what I would do, but it at least makes me feel better to know what's going on. Also I like to offer words of advice and comfort to those who are being hurt by this evil empire. And knowing that people are out there who have experienced the same unfairness makes me feel less wierd. "Wordly" people can hardly believe my story. Can you imagine what people think when I tell them my mom can't talk to me, because I divorced an abusive husband and refused to remain single for the rest of my life or until I could prove adultery on his part? Can you imagine how freaked out they are when they learn that my crazy ex-husband can socialize with my mom all he wants to? It's been more than 20 years, and it still seems unreal to me!

  • lancelink

    because I'm trying to figure out why i remaned in this religion for so long, put up with all the
    But yet there is a weird feeling ( probably from being a witness for 30 years)
    that I'm doing something wrong, and so many comments posted here help me to see the reality of this religion,
    and move on in a positive way.

    So in answer to your question, it is the encouragement i get from the comments !!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Well I spent over 40 years trying to get people into "The Borg"....shouldn't I spend a little time trying to get them out?

    By the way you can leave anytime you want...I do a lot...

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