Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT stupid!

by nicolaou 72 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Satans Son
    Satans Son

    By them claiming to have all the answers, they rob others of trying different methods, until they find something that works, to solve their problems on their own.

    To try to, would be deviating from the truth.

    The answers must come from the WTBTS...not from a simple person.

  • BFD

    My jw is stupid for the WTBT$. Other than that she's pretty intelligent.


  • IP_SEC

    JWs arent stupid. I believed all that shyte once. Im not stupid.

    It kinda reminds me of christians bashing say... like scientology. "WOW scientologist are stupid, they will believe just about anything." As if some invisible skypappy making sex with a virgin and having a son born on earth is any more ridiculous than what scientologist believe.

    On that basis I could say christians are stupid if I thought it were true.

  • *summer*

    No, the few JWs I know are definitely not stupid.

    I see them as victims of a very subtle, but powerful brainwashing machine.


  • Casper
    I see them as victims of a very subtle, but powerful brainwashing machine.

    Hi Summer, I agree....

    As for myself...

    I was 28 when I became a witness... I certainly don't feel I was "Stupid"....They studied with me for 2 years before I got baptized, mainly because I asked so many questions. I really don't think I would have EVER became one if my circumstances hadn't changed.

    They got to me emotionally, after my first husband died, with the resurrection hope, which sounded great, considering the circumstances.

    After that I stayed for the "Social Aspect of it", 2 years later I married an was for him, and him alone, that I stayed as long as I did. After he died... I was "Out of There".

    I look back now and wonder why I allowed myself to fall for it... sometimes they just get to you at a bad time in your life, when you're not quite thinking straight. That doesn't mean you are or were stupid.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I've known plenty of JWs who were of genius-level intelligence.

    We've had a few District Overbeers who were brilliant orators.

    I often wonder how they dealt with doubts. Or if they even had any.

    Too bad you can't just ask them straight out and hope for any kind of an honest answer.


  • JosephMalik


    Stupid regarding JW's should be understood in context. Saying that they are Stupid regarding their Biblical knowledge and interpretation is just fine. It would be more accurate to say that they are Evil because what they are doing is destroying lives, homes, families and their hope for salvation since they reject the body and blood of Jesus. Your use of Stupid in a general way is not very smart.


  • SirNose586

    Don't ever, ever call the Witnesses stupid. If you were ever one, and you call them stupid, you can call yourself stupid.

    Whoever bought their story was conned. At the time we didn't know that it was bull****. All we--and they--are guilty of is ignorance. We were ignorant of their decades-old doctored story and carefully conditioned recruitment process. If we were Christian beforehand, we were ignorant of the Bible's true message. If we were born into it, we were ignorant of how Christianity really works. But then we saw through the mind control and got the hell out of there.

  • RebelWife

    Oh, look. It's RebelWife, the queen of analogies, again. I'm sorry, but that's just how I think. I'm sure no smart person has ever gotten sucked into a relationship with a rotten, no-good blankety-blank-blank. It's not stupidity. It's being human and having weaknesses that are preyed upon by an unscrupulous entity.

  • catbert

    Most people are not enthusiastic about researching science, which is the antithesis of religion.

    Simple questions are "How do they know how old the earth is?" or "How do they know how far away stars are?"

    People often wonder about these things, and don't take the action to research the known science.

    Its not stupidity. Its ignorance.

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