Hi,you might know my big sister..

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  • noni1974

    I remember Incubus from Thom's chat. She was a spitfire. Tell her Noni1974 said hi. She may remember me to. I'm glad she told you to come here. She's right your jorney will not be the same as hers. I suggest you keep in touch with your sister. Come here and read all you can. Read C of C. There are lots of other books people will sugest you read as well. Take your time there is no hurry. It will be painful and joyful at the same time.

    Welcome and please stick around.

  • bigmouth

    Gidday from NZ Firefox. Glad you're here. Sounds like there has been some turmoil in your family over the last 10 years. Can you tell us a bit more about what went on and why you feel so unhappy now ?

    Somehow I seem to recall a poster incubus here much more recently. Must check that.



  • SirNose586

    Crisis of Conscience will show you the man behind the curtain. Welcome to the board, Firefox! Great name! I love the browser.

  • flipper

    FIREFOX- Welcome to the board friend ! You'll get lots of support here ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Hi firefox,

    Hope to hear more of your story soon. You have left at the perfect age. I wish that I would have done it all those years ago.

    Well done for seeing through it. You might be in for an eye opener but people here will really understand and be able to help you. There is a lot of kindness here and good people.

    I wish you a smooth journey. Best of luckā€¦..


  • besty

    welcome Firefox - tell us all about it - we'll listen without prejudice. (apart from Mr Majestic who is alledgedly as bald as a billiard ball)

  • DanTheMan

    She said Crisis of Conscience would probably help

    Listen to her. It's the best $20 or so that you'll ever spend.

  • oldflame
    Someone was kind enough to loan me Crisis of Conscience and I found it quite beneficial to read when I was ready.

    "Ditto" Me too ! Thanks Gumby

  • coolhandluke

    i know your sister very well. when we were friends she spoke of all of her siblings often with perhaps a twinge of sadness at being estranged from you but always with a smile and always with a longing. read crisis of conscience. look around yourself critically. remember that this is your life and yours alone. you have the right to make any decision you wish. but there will be consequences. you must however do what it is that makes you happy. the most informed person on an honest day can only tell you with certainty that you have one 'go-round'. make the most of it even in its infinite brevity. if you need help i know that sarah will do whatever she can for you. i know for certain that your brother jeff will do the same, he's got a big heart.


  • momzcrazy

    Welcome firefox! I was hoping my little sister had finally listened to me and joined us here! But I am glad you are here too!

    C of C was great for me, too. Although I had done alot of on-line research before I got it. I now understand why the Society says not to do that. They can't hide everything and I think all their secrets are on the net!

    Good Luck!


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