1914- What's the big deal if it's the wrong date?

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  • BFD

    When I was being raised in it the big thing (after 1975) was the generation of 1914.

    I didn't even know about the new light till I read it here. I just thought J was waiting for the very last one to be left. Prolly some ole koot in the Himalayas or something.


  • cognac
    As I don't know you, have only commented on a handful of your threads, and don't read this board much anymore, it doesn't matter to me either way.

    Well, if you had any "red flags" wouldn't if have been a lot easier to simply ask me or even send me a private PM??? And, if it doesn't really matter to you, why are you so rood about it???

    Wouldn't it seem reasonable that every JW get's really into different things depending on there interest? For example, some are very into the revelation book, some are very into the Greek scriptures, some are more into the Hebrew scriptures and so forth.

    If it doesn't matter to you either way, then why don't you leave me alone? I don't need to feel attacked by you. This is a support forum. As far as me looking for people, who the hell cares??? What, do you think I'm looking for apostates to tell on them??? There already out.

    As far as me "digging for information", again, who the hell cares??? What the hell??? This is so weird... Just stop being a jerk to me. If you think I'm another trevor, DON'T OPEN MY FRIGGIN THREADS...

    Nobody is forcing you, so just leave me alone...

  • journey-on

    What's the big deal if 1914 is the wrong date???? Are you asking this question to be facetious?! Perhaps you are asking it to make

    lurkers think for themselves?! If you are asking this question for real, then I don't get it unless you just came into "the truth" yesterday,

    and from what I remember about you, weren't you at one time a pioneer?

  • Jenlet

    Hi cognac,

    Getting back on track ... I think I understand your question "Why can't they just fix the date so it's right?" Your point is ... what difference does 20 years make?

    I side with those that said 1914 was a kind-of, sort-of successful prediction for the WTS. Okay, not really, when you consider what they really predicted would happen in 1914. But they did say "1914", and can once again use the excuse of having predicted 'the wrong things at the right time'.

    There have been so many changes to dates lately, they probably realize that dropping 1914 will make them look like complete idiots. They will no doubt have to drop 1914 eventually, to survive, but they need to wait awhile until some of the latest changes, such as the most recent generation change, have a chance to set in.

    One other thought - I've had some fundy evagelicals from similar churches tell me that 1934 is the correct date for the end of the Gentile Times. They accept the historical 587 date, and have a similar timeline otherwise, so they end up with 1934. They say the big 'hell breaks loose' event was when Hitler took power.

  • cognac
    Wouldn't it seem reasonable that every JW get's really into different things depending on there interest? For example, some are very into the revelation book, some are very into the Greek scriptures, some are more into the Hebrew scriptures and so forth.

    Just was never into the 1914 date. Glossed over things that had to do with it, however, I could explain how we got to that date, and some basic things that happened...

    I felt we had the truth because we use Jeh name, had the correct def of hell, etc, etc...

    Last summer when I figured it may be the wrong date, I just thought that Jesus would have appointed them 20 or so years later. That was it...

    Did I completely miss something huge? Yes, so sue me...

  • cognac
    what difference does 20 years make?

    That's exactly what I thought!!! Also, I figured that the society could come up with 100 excuses as to why that would have been an even better date...

    I mean, barely anybody twitched when they changed the generation def 100 times, why would they care about this??? I think barely anybody would leave, they would just think nothing of it and keep going...

  • heathen

    IMO that would be the big carrot the WTBTS waves in front of the R&F so big deal it is because they kept promising eternal life and now they look around and there's nobody left from 1914 to lie to about it anymore so presto we get "new light" .The new "understanding" is no better than the old one , they suddenly can't even define what a generation is and make it an invisible generation . That would be very hard on most I would think . I don't believe the scripture on the generation dogma even promised eternal life .

  • OnTheWayOut

    I just noticed this thread so I resurrected it.

    The WTS is all about being "right" and "correct" as opposed to Christendom or Babylon the Great
    who they say is "wrong" !

    A little honest research shows that WTS was just as "wrong" as could be about their 19th Century
    understandings and their teachings from the early days of the 20th Century. Growth doesn't come
    from being wrong, so they told everyone how they were "right" and re-wrote their own history to
    reflect their "rightness" or "correctness."

    Now the WTS cannot backpeddal all their "rightness." It's just too much strain on member's
    cognitive dissonance. "I am in the right religion. Anything that appears wrong is just my own lack
    of understanding." You can push that over the edge and cause a mental breakdown. To prove their
    rightness, they have said that 1914 was mathematically correct by their founder and by all current
    understanding. They have said that 1914 was noticeably correct by the "sign" of the last days that
    was fulfilled- basically saying that World War One proved them right. They have said that 1914 was
    spiritually correct, basing their entire doctrine on how this was the time to start the last days and
    expand true (or "correct") worship and revitalize Jehovah's people and select (soon after) the FDS.

    I imagine that the war is the biggest obstacle. If war did not start in 1914, they would have abandoned
    it back then. But it did. They embraced 1914. Too much spin has been created on why it MUST
    be "right."

    One day, they may be prepared to abandon their core doctrines and lose many members (again).
    Before they do that, they will transfer all the moneys from congregations into their bank accounts and
    sell off the land in Brooklyn and threaten to get tough on anyone who questions them. OH WAIT!
    THEY ALREADY ARE DOING THAT! WATCH OUT! They might be ready to throw out all the
    stuff from their old oracles and create an entirely NEW LIGHT.

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