22nd march

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  • AudeSapere
    am i like putting a foot into the grave already?

    Nope. You will bored during the program and either ignorred by the other attendees or love-bombed.

    There may also be a gathering back at someone's home afterwards. We almost always had one at out house.


  • Quirky1

    If it were me, I would not attend. This is to be the Memorial of Jesus' death and there will be lot of people there that will recognoze U R new and they will just be "dying" to get to know you. They will use all their tactics.

    This weekend there is an assembly for the local KH. This will be the first one I have ever missed. The wife is goin tho. I am not going to give them a chance to try to pursuade me to repent and return.

    Screw Dat'!

    Quirky 1

  • Sirona
    There may also be a gathering back at someone's home afterwards.

    Yeah, where they drink the wine they were not allowed to drink at the memorial. lol


  • Maddie

    Why bother unless its because you like the girl who invited you that is ?


  • tank3r87

    so that means im gonna be like sitting with them?? how long u reckon it be?

  • tank3r87

    yeah, true.. maybe she did it out of friendship or for someother intentions i would never know.. got to admit, she's the first girl ive ever done so much research and reading just to understand better.

  • Sirona

    OK tank

    This is what is going to happen.

    You will arrive and your friend will be very pleased that someone turned up who she invited. She might introduce you to other boys (its the "done" thing) and everyone will be REALLY REALLY nice to you.

    At some point it is highly likely that someone will ask you if you want a free home bible study. Be ready for this question and say no. If you say yes, it will not be the girl who will visit you, it will always be men (men teach men, women teach women).

    Everyone sits down. Then there is a song (everyone stands to sing) and a prayer. Then everyone sits down and listens to an extremely sombre and boring talk. This lasts about 30 or 45 mins I think. Then they pass around the bread and wine and every person passes the bread or wine to the person next to them and its likely that you will not see ANYONE eat any bread or drink any wine because they don't allow it.

    Then, another song and another prayer. Then you can go home.


  • tank3r87

    Sound like sunday mass for me.. only thing theres no priests.. yeah, she has asked me before if i wanted bible studies,i said yes, and she told me her brother would do it.. but it didnt happen. but there was one time i met him and he didnt really give me any satisfying answers for the questions i asked though. i guess it wouldnt be a good idea to be a cheeky bastard by eating the bread and drinking the wine eh?

  • smilelover

    I think you'll find it to be interesting. I thought it was. They celebrate the death of Jesus because Jesus said so in the Bible as it's at someone's death that you know if he/she did good or bad things in life. Although I still think the day I was born was a quite lucky day :p You can touch neither the bread nor the wine though. I think you should try. I mean, I didn't lose anything by going, just saw and learned something new.

  • LtCmd.Lore

    Not completely on topic, but I got to warn you. It seems that you are only going through with this stuff because you like the girl.

    But it's considered "innappropiate" for a woman to conduct a bible study with a man. So she'll soon have to turn you over to an elder.

    Edit: Nevermind, Sirona has you covered.

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