Why do the majorityof JW's look so happy at the hall?

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  • mkr32208

    I was always happy in the hall. Flirting with the hotties, hanging with my friends planing trips and things to do 'after the meeting...' Hell yeah I was smiling!

  • SirNose586

    They're happy to have a worldview that confirms their fears and has a large reward for loyalty. They're happy to have a group of people that--ostensibly--they can trust more than outsiders. Sure, doctrine might not make sense and the routine can become a bit much. But they keep the carrot, and their associates, firm in mind. The desire for comfort overrides any pain they might suffer along the way.

    We weren't content to have doctrine that didn't make sense. We weren't willing to sacrifice time and money for a vaguely plausible reward. We weren't afraid to strike out and say, "Hey, something's not right." There was nothing wrong with us. We were just stronger. It takes more energy to leave your comfort zone than to maintain it.

  • strawberry cake
    strawberry cake

    Maybe they look happy because they aren't allowed to look sad.

    In my congregation I thought the brothers and sisters looked terribly miserable,especially when they were singing. I would look around and wonder what was going wrong with JWs ..were was the joy ?

    xxx Strawberry Cake

  • Rapunzel

    I sincerly feel that the majority of Witnesses are quite unhappy and, as for the smiles that one sees on the faces of the people at the hall, these smiles are false. I think that the smiles of most Witness are a pretense, a false pretense. Don't forget - the Witnesses call themselves the "world's happiest people." As a consequence, they are under a lot of pressure to maintain the appearance of being happy. It's all about keeping up appearances.

    I have read several threads stating that, in fact, Witnesses have a comparatively high rate of depression. Witnesses have a significantly higher rate of depression in comparison with other religious groups or society in general. I think that many Witesses have prescriptions for anti-depressants. Witnesses also have a higher rate of neurosis.

    In fact, Witnesses are continuously under a lot of pressure; and the pressure comes from a lot of sources. It comes from their continually-postponed, ever-delayed expectation of the arrival of the "New System". The pressure comes from the constant urging of the organization to do more, more, more; it's always do more, more, and then more. The pressure also comes from their self-imposed alienation from mainstream society. There is also pressure from within the congregation itself. No one dares to let on or admit that they might be unhappy or dissatisfied with their lot. They know that everyone else is watching them - not watching out for them as in showing sincere concern for their well-being but rather watching them, as in keeping an eye on them. Witnesses know that it would be very unwise of them to admit being depressed. After all, isn't it true that many Witnesses equate depression with demonic attack or Satan's mischief?

  • moshe

    Well, I know why Smilin' Bob, the Enzyte shill is happy, but the elders are another story.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Why do the majority of JW's look so happy at the hall?

    Life as a JW isn't really a happy one. it is a life of denial of the self, hobbies, interests, possibilities. Going to the hall was an opportunity to talk to other people. Life can be pretty boring when the only associating with non-JWs was to preach to them. In a way one could let down their guard from the worldlings.

    Maybe they look happy because they aren't allowed to look sad

    Well that's the other part. I was seriously depressed as a JW. But no one knew it. I had learned as a kid not to show my feelings. Being a JW was a cinch. I was told I was happy and i acted the part. People were stunned when I left.

  • beksbks

    Because only the blissfully ignorant are left???

  • steve2

    Jehovah's Witnesses in New Zealand want to know what the Witnesses in your neck of the woods are on. Are they are hallucinogenic substances or benzos?? The New Zealand JWs are a dreary, unhappy looking bunch. At least they don't have to psych themselves into funeral mode if one of them dies; they are always ready to moan and groan about how baaaaaaaad everything is.

  • skeeter1

    We were all dressed up, and we were told that we were Jehovah's special people. We could look down on those in the world. But, most importantly, we looked happy because we were told we had to be happy to keep up appearances.


  • crazyblondeb

    They try and out-do each other!!

    I think they are trying to convince not only themselves, but each other that they are SOOOOO HAPPY!!!

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