Courting couples in the JW having sex together before marriage?

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    Well, I am a freak of sorts. I was married and divorced 3 times as a JW. So in order, here is the premarital behavior:

    1st - Started having premarital sex 3 months before wedding, oral way before that.

    2nd - Were good little boy and girl until wedding night.

    3rd - Oral only.

    So yes it does happen. I would guess the majority do, and never confess.


  • chikikie

    I knew it was happening but was never told, just had my suspicions, that so called virgins should know so much about sex and ask my opionion, i soppose having a baby out of wedlock in the world made me the person to ask about such things, little do they know, that a) I was drunk b) I hardly remembered it.

    So if they have never confessed this sin, and many have done it, how many are still in Gods favour. NOne

  • aniron

    I remember one year,late 1980's, in my old congregation we had a spate of weddings 8-10, I think, usually it would just be a couple a year.

    Ages of the couples varied from early 20's to late 30's.

    Attending the reception of the last wedding, I was a Min Servant at the time, I remarked to an Elder about the number of weddings we had had that year.

    He leaned towards me and quietly said "Yeah and not one of them were virgins." he gave a wink and a smile.

    How he knew I don't know. I knew one couple weren't for sure and maybe another one.

  • lisavegas420

    When I was 16 or so, I remember a talk about a engaged couple that didn't show up for their wedding at the KH, later they were found dead and naked in their car in a compromising position. I was freaked...just the thought of being found like that.

    Then I thought...why didn't they leave the window down? Why not spread a blanket on the ground. Stupid teenagers.

    (stupid made up story)


  • sparrow

    I know plenty. I'd bet a quarter of witnesses these days have either committed the unforgivable sin or have fondled enough. not said anything and are going to die of this pretend armagedon anyway. If only I hadn't said anything F#$k it....

  • lisavegas420
    when I was a young thing of 18 or so, the elders' wives got together and found me a mate - an old man about 50 years older than I, about 8 inches shorter, badly scarred from a fire, and who talked about his dead wife all the time. Yuck. And why did the sisters want me to marry him? They told me he had a lot of money and he wouldn't live long! Ummm-hmmm - real spiritual attitude there.

    Is he dead? did he ever remarry? just asking. and for all those that the sisters tryed to marry you off. that never happened to me. i think all the brothers were warned about me way before i did anything wrong. one time, I did meet a nice guy at a Cincinnati assemby. He came back to see me a week later in Lexington, and told me, that his uncle, an elder had called my KH and ask about me, and they said I was bad news. but he came anyway. he said he didn't know if he'd get in trouble or not. he came back again, maybe 3 or 4 times, we did have sex on the last occasion, but I never saw him again. this is the only JW guy I ever had sex with. maybe he felt guilty? maybe he got what he wanted? who knows. Anyway..he was cute, and nice. So..this is a shout out to Steve S in the Cincinnati area. lisa

  • chikikie

    This discussion has beed a real eye opener......

  • reniaa

    I feel for you chiki sister mine, I was there and know that those sisters were a silly bunch that treated you badly but I don't peronsally think a little abstinence is a bad thing, the alternate is 4 million abortions world wide, STD's on the increase inc nasty symptomless ones like clymidia that can leave you infertile before you even realise you have it, Free sex may seem nice but it should come with a warning tag especially for younger people.


    Sorry I just posted to the wrong thread...too damn early...but welcome.


  • ex-nj-jw
    sex may seem nice but it should come with a warning tag

    Yeah, like use protection every time no exceptions! Preaching abstinence is great but we also need to educate our children cause you can't be with them 24/7 and chances are they will even when you say don't!

    The uneducated are the biggest risk group.


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