Courting couples in the JW having sex together before marriage?

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  • chikikie

    I left about 8 years ago, at the grand old age of 24, basically being an unmarried mum of 1 (baptised when my girl was 11months old) and the 'tipping point for me' when elder sisters tried to set me up for marriage to a 64year old elder, as that would be the only man willing to marry a girl such as myself. I ran away, I moved 300miles away. There should be a witness pretection programme ;)

    Anyway something that has bothered me for a while is that their are many unreported that courting couples actually having their wedding night sex before the actually marriage?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    We were virgins on our wedding night. One thing I have heard of is an awful lot of JW couples who were virgins before marriage dealing with sexual dysfunction issues and unable to have sex after marriage. It can be hard to change all your attitudes to sex in the flick of a switch just because you have a piece of paper.

  • R.Crusoe

    Two people in love dont need to have an official declaration imo! If god exists he already knows!

    If the two are unsure about their feelings and are getting married 'respectably' then any god will also know that they are headed for troubles - again imho!

    Natural laws are in us and following rule books cant alter what nature has in its very essence!

  • chikikie

    sexual dysfunction, makes me wonder how they have children!

  • chikikie

    The only reason i mentioned this was, when I was 23, a teenage friend of mine, she was 17, and engaged to a nice brother 25, bought a condom in the ladies when I was with her. I said whats that for? she looked at me and didnt say anything. They got married.

  • hotchocolate

    Over the years I worked out that there are very few couples who didn't at least get involved in "heavy petting" (lifting large pussycats LOL) while they were going out - and that includes even the real spiritual ones. According to an elder friend of mine, heaps of dating witness couples get into oral sex too.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    when I was dating my ex wife back in the early 90's, the elders counseled us and told us that if we kept free from any improper behavior, we would be the first couple in about 10 years to do so. That's when I realized that most couples were getting freaky b4 the wedding night.

  • R.Crusoe

    So true 'what happened' !

    An elder saying the truth to you like they ought to do to all newbies who are deluded by WT literature poisoned to an extent they will also shunn you if you don't.

    Sexual dysfunction is a form of biological depression following years of brainwashing about human biology being 'evil' whilst the ones enforcing it are usually shagging like rabbits in their private, secretive, silent lives! They spout such pewk and call it holy!

    That 'holy' shit is not exclusively owned by Batman and Robin is the understatement of our modern era!

    It pours from the minds and mouths from many 'respectable' membes of society.

  • hillbilly

    to quote the topic ... it's been known to happen.


  • chikikie

    I suppose I get so mad at the fact i got made an example of, because when i was 18, I ran away to london slept with an australian boyfriend once, came rushing back home because i felt so bad. Was honest to the elders, (at this tiem not baptised) and was not reinstated for a year and half, I thought that was bad considering an elder who got prison term for abusing his daughter was reinstated after 9 months, anyway I get baptised when my daughter is 11months old and am good, only to find out because of what i did, I would only be good enough to marry a man who was 64, after all in the new system it wont matter how old we are, we will all be young. No young witness men would ever want to marry me, yet I knew deep down that there were many having sex before they were getting married but they were ok, and i was evil. An elderly sister, (84) and one I visited alot, said to me, that only the good girls get pregnant and that she knew I was a good girl.

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