Hitchens with Maher - JWs highest turnover rate.

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  • dinah

    So the kids after Gen-X are more awake than we were.

    That was a great clip. Did you notice at the end, it was said that the person preaching from the pulpit was preaching about things he couldn't do himself? How many times have we read posts on here talking about how the GB could NEVER live up to what they preach if they were thrown out into the real world?

  • SirNose586

    It's cool to get the word out about the survey and JWs, only the people who watch HBO probably don't give a rat's ass about the witnesses anyhow.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Not sure if anyone has pointed this out on the other threads dealing with the Religious Affiliation Survey, but here's one thing I noticed. While the JWs were stuck at a lousy 37% retention rate, the Mormons are at 70%.

    Last week, I mentioned the 37% figure to a Witness friend. He wasn't surprised...actually thought it would be lower. When I asked why, he said "because it's hard." I agreed with him, but I wish I had known the Mormon stats. Why? Well, being a Mormon is hard! In some ways, harder than being a Witness. For example, Mormon beliefs are even more bizarre than Witness beliefs (Talk about having your own Bible? Well, the Mormons have a sequel!) Also, Mormon morality rules are harder. They have the same premarital sex and smoking bans as Witnesses. And at least we Witnesses can drink alcohol and caffeine.

    So, why do the Mormons have almost double the retention rate of Witnesses, even though they have (1) weirder beliefs, and (2) stricter morals?

  • cyber-sista
    It's cool to get the word out about the survey and JWs, only the people who watch HBO probably don't give a rat's ass about the witnesses anyhow.

    How true. When I was a JW I was under the illusion that the world was watching JWs with the greatest of interest. Now that I've been out for awhile I realize how little people really know or care about JWs. Many get them mixed up with mormans because they both do the door to door thing. JWs are not the big headliners they think they are.

  • SickofLies

    This is somewhat old news, but I'm suprised that no one has started a thread about this yet, when I first saw this on CNN and they specificly mentioned JW's for being the LOWEST retention rate of any religion I thought JWD would be all a buzz with activity about this subject.

    I'm glad to see it's finally been posted...

    I wonder what the offical JW reaction to this is??

  • flipper

    MINCAN- Good thread bro ! So, hey, does this mean that since I have 1 of my 3 adult children out of the witnesses , that I might get lucky and end up having 2 of my 3 kids actually get out of that torture chamber cult ? Oh! Dear Jesus , praise the lord, let it happen ! Yes ! I'm working on my older daughter getting out of the cult as we speak

  • chrisjoel

    Hey there Minc...good post..didnt realize u had posted this ..i just noticed it on utube...good post buddy

    "Montrose and Kalar Rd"......u know who i am..lol

  • steve2

    Great thread. Not wishing to rub salt into the Watchtower's self-inflicted wound, but what about the significant proportion of people raised in the religion who are among the living dead? They continue to attend meetings and ocasinoally (get dragged or) are dragged out into the field service? They still identify themselves as JWs and are unlikely ever to "leave". I think of some of my enervated JW relatives who fit into this category: Unmotivated, bored (and boring), lacking intitiative, but when it comes to identifying their religion say they're JWs. These are part of the 37% who remain. How dismal is that for the Watchtower's prospects of continued growth?

  • Leolaia

    steve2....I don't quite follow your first comment. The 33% of "converted to no religion" is not out of all those who "converted to no religion" but a proportion within those raised JWs; moreover, there is no implicational relation I know of that connects the 33% "converted to no religion" to the relative proportions of "non-converts". The 70% proportion of non-converts for the Mormons, for instance, could well be 100%, but that would not include all those who convert from other religions (since these are only "non-converts"). I can't see why there couldn't be 0% "converted to no religion" for the JWs and 63% "converted to other group". Since the first column says nothing about converts into the religion and the second column only pertains to outbound conversion, I can't see why the 63% couldn't be converts themselves into the other religions. In other words, I can't see why the figure of non-converts for raised JWs should be so high if it is because other religions retain their members better. They could retain all the members they want but the ex-JWs could still be converts if they wanted to.

  • Dagney

    Really good! Thanks Mincan.

    I sent it on to a few people, hope they see it through to the end. sigh

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