Memorial conundrum - "So good to see you. Where have you been?"

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  • Hermano

    Undercover, I think your suggestion was hilarious!!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am going to be driving my wife and her dad to it. I may be wrangled into going inside, like last year. I dress in jeans, a nice shirt, cowboy boots and hat, walk in tall and proud, speak to no one unless they speak to me first, and answer every question with a question. Sometimes I think of mean things to say, like if they call me brother....I think I might retort with....I ain't any of your goddamn brother. But that is just rude so I tryu to change my tude! LOL

  • WTWizard

    When I was active, I always heard the hounders rounding up people to hound. It always took an extra hour or more to leave the damn thing afterward because of this. They always told me that "saving" those lives should be worth my losing sleep or work time.

    And they wonder why I will not be showing up.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    buy a fish filet sandwich from McD's leave it in your car for 2 days then eat it, that will get you out of memorial, who knows you might have one.

  • sooner7nc

    I'm using the fact that since I've stopped going, my wife, a Latina, has started attending a Spanish congregation with her sister. "No habla Espanol" is the only phrase I'll need that night. Plus I get to eat Mexican food that night. YeeHaa!

  • sooner7nc

    I'm not gonna shave though

  • OnTheWayOut
    "No habla Espanol" is the only phrase I'll need that night.

    A vast majority of Espanol-speakers habla English.
    Your phrase won't work unless you can start speaking back in
    Dutch, Chinese or something.


    Wow! You guys are really paranoid! When we see you hapless sacks of manure atending the Memorial we gaze in amazement at how beaten up you morons look! Gee.....Jessica used to look so beautiful and elegant when she attended meetings, but since she was dissed and moved in with her worldly boyfriend, she looks tore up from the floor up! Dirty pants from WalMart, nose and ear piercings that were done in her boyfriends autobody shop, illegitimate kids with snotty noses, missing shoe laces, and lice filled hair, and the stench!!!! OMG!!! You want to know what LOVE IS? It's walking up to you dopes and speaking a kind word!!!! Lord only knows, any other group of people would either laugh in your pathetic faces or run in the opposite direction for fear of being seen with you nare-do-wells!

  • Free

    When they tilt their heads and ask you if your OK. Tell them just because you don't go anymore dosn't mean your not OK. Make sure you tell them about all the free time you have and how much your in love with the person of your dreams. I don't recommend you go, your family will for sure have big ideas of you returning and that is just playing with peoples emotions.

    Why have everybody look and point,

  • Free

    And judge you ( like Beroean )

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