Memorial conundrum - "So good to see you. Where have you been?"

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  • megawatt

    Definetly not looking forward to this year's memorial service. As soon as it's over, I'm waiting in the car for the wife...

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More
    hapless sacks of manure


    Having a difficult time dealing with yourself?

  • Tuesday

    You could try the sarcastic approach

    "Good to see you"
    "Wish I could say the same"

    "Where have you been"

    There are lots of responses to this
    "I've been frozen this whole time to be thawed out only for memorials, kind of like Brigadoon."
    "Funny you ask, I got super powers and I can't find the time to get to meetings when I'm stopping all the crime in the world."
    "I've been studying fencing for the day I meet the six fingered man"
    "Bethel, but then I just got fired so I'm back."
    "I've been practicing with my new band, The Rolling Stones. Apparently Keith Richards really has been dead for the last 20 years and people have just been wearing a Keith Richards suit, I'm next in line!"
    "I've been filming the world's largest girl on girl orgie in the history of mankind."
    "I was stuck in this building with 12 terrorists, they burst in right after I took off my shoes. Do you believe that? Anyway I killed them all, so that's that Yippie Kaiyay!"
    "I'm building a pyramid to bury myself under."
    "I've been studying the contents of Brigette Neilson's saliva, science thinks we could start a whole new civilization."
    "Going up to random people and injecting them with AIDS."
    "Harvesting Stem Cells."
    "Performing late term abortions."

    That's all I got for now, maybe sarcasm is the right way to go!


    Most of the people on this board do nothing but judge! You judge the Org., your witness relatives, and any former companions still in the truth! It amazes me how so many of you are soooooo fed up with JW's, but you come on a site like this and spend day after day talking about the very ones you despise! With so many other ways to use your "free" time, why is negative talk about JW's your choice? Try spending time conquering the tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable.

    Hmmmm...let me see.....growing up my mom and dad loved American cars. They indoctrinated us with the whole shpeel of Union plants, American cars, and Steel mills. But, even at a young age I could clearly see the folly of their reasoning. American cars were outdated, inefficient, unsafe, and expensive. When I was old enough I bought a Toyota. Now, did I seek out every opportunity to lambast my parents because of their faulty thinking or scorn every person I encountered driving an American car? No. Do I frequent GM/Ford/Chrysler discussion forums to talk about the damage the "Big 3" has done to entire generations and how major cities have never recovered from their lies? No. I live my life with nary a passing thought of American made cars.

    I seems some of your very lives are dependent on anything negative with JW's. You print newsletters, write songs and poetry, post YouTube videos, and even go so far as to attend Kingdom Halls to "shock" unsuspecting "droids". Do yourselves a favor and get on with your lives. Use that "freedom" to live it up, make millions, see the world, cure cancer! Geezuz!

  • potleg

    My reply when they asked me how I was doing was... "I'm absolutly fantastic, in fact if I was any better I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven." That took the smile right off thir faces and gave me a big laugh.

  • hotspur

    So, Beroean. If you thought those cars were, quote "unsafe", that implies they were dangerous, quite capable of killing someone, at least it does to me. To not speak out against them and someone were to be be killed makes you bloodguilty. At least that was what was rammed down my throat when I was in if I didn't go on the Service!

    All people do here, as far as I can see, is find ways of helping others out of a "deadly" situation. If that takes time and a degree of negativity toward JWs - so what? It still needs doing.

    Getting a life (which is your inference) is exactly what people on here have been doing and with a passion from what I've seen.

  • freydi

    Ask why they are having the Memorial a month before Passover and what they're going to be doing Easter?

  • ChakkaConned

    When they used to ask me where I'd been, I simply responded "well, I'm here now, arent I?". That stopped them cold.

    I never could buy into adults being accountable to other adults for anything.

    You don't owe them an explanation. They should join you in the here and now and be grateful you showed up at all.


  • hotchocolate

    Walk into the hall with a huge saccharine smile.. And when someone says, "So good to see you, where have you been?", smile warmly, lean in, and give them a condescending rub on the arm, and say, "Oh thank you sister! Wonderful to see you too!" and then enquire, "So how's Bill? Still cleaning windows?" and shake your head while tsk'ing sympathetically during the reply.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Hmmm, they really shouldn't be asking, "Where have you been?" That's an unwelcoming greeting, but some may use it. Frankly, what response should they expect:

    • Oh, were you looking for me?
    • Where have you been looking for me?
    • And where have you been?

    Or you could say Reasoning from the Scriptures worthy: "Is that your usual response when someone has avoided attending meetings but comes back to give the congregation a second chance?"

    Or maybe: "I was swallowed by the Internet and escaped earlier today."

    & Hey big congrats to BEROEAN !!!

    Post 100 of 100
    since 10-May-07

    10 months here, that's longer than me.
    And now 100 posts.
    You're a "Junior Member" of JWD now.
    Your valuable contributions reinforce that the bOrg dangerously misleads and deceives.
    You go, dude!!

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