Stuck in the "Truth"

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Didn't R. Kelly make a song about this?? oh wait that was Trapped in the Closet. nevermind

  • Pickled

    The most difficult thing about a cult is that the cult member has been stripped of all options except the one to which they find themselves tethered. It is actually not the post they are tethered to that causes all the despair, it is the picture that has been painted for them describing what they will have to look forward to if they ever take the tether off and leave.

    In an effort to avoid that painful scenario their lives become a daily walk in the circle created by their restraints. The camaraderie they experience among their peers offers hope and reinforces the idea that their predicament is so much better than what would be waiting for them on the outside. Examples are generally offered that have to do with birds leaving their cages only to want back in after they discover in a frightening way just how bad it is outside of the cage.

    But the most devastating of all of these things is when the one tethered becomes entirely convinced that even God Himself, their creator of the universe and of their very person, even He can only be found within the safety of that same gilded cage. The turmoil is in the believing that to leave the cage is to abandon God.

    If all of humanity were to experience a sudden extinction, this planet, the stars, the entire universe has already been designed to continue its’ course even without our presence, even without our coming and going. Our presence adds nothing to this cycle and our absence would subtract nothing from the seasons and the tides. We are also part of that design, a member of those things created. If it has been said that if we remain silent the rocks themselves would cry out, or if there was a time when all the stars sang together, or if there is a source of light that exceeds the light of the Sun, then who is it that has caused you to believe that this same designer can only inhabit the cage of their limited knowledge? This certainly has to be the biggest lie of all. If truth was designed to set you free, then the question must be asked about why so many representations of the truth are designed in the form of a cage.

    It may be a lifelong journey of mine to find the true nature and identity of this designer, and that lifetime is all I have of true value to offer in exchange for the knowing. If I spend my life disregarding the beauty of the design in search of a cage that fits me best, then haven’t I missed the only chance to actually see the nature of this designer?

    The despair does not come when we look for God, the despair comes when we climb inside the cage and shut him out.

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