Stuck in the "Truth"

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  • Pickled

    IMBA, why not use the Society's standards for how you leave?

    If you were a devout Catholic and your entire close knit and loving family had a long history of faithfulness to the Catholic church with all of your lives built around those would be expected to work hard toward reaching that moment when you began to find all of that and all of them repulsive. You would be expected to leave them all behind in your quest for the truth regardless of what it cost and regardless of the pain it might cause you, or them.

    You would be commended for your willingness to separate yourself from them, and encouraged to not look back but only for the sake of hopefully and eventually compelling some of them to also break away from everything they once knew and follow you to the Kingdom Hall.

    You would be expected to become an Apostate of Catholicism, and an Apostate to your family. The pain or sorrow you felt would not be taken into consideration, and only your single minded faithfulness to these new realizations about the truth would be acknowledged. After all, looking back is a sign of a divided mind, and there is no time for grieving when there is so much work to do.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Now there's a thought Pickled. The double standards are appalling aren't they?!

  • WTWizard

    It is designed to keep one from leaving. They tell people not to even look at apostate material. They have penalties that are designed to make people too afraid to even question if the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is asking what is in the Bible, let alone reasonable. And, if anyone does leave, they lose their whole social network. All of which serves to keep people stuck.

  • Pickled

    Yes, but "keeping" one from leaving is very different from "causing" someone to want to stay. Even in the worst relationships people stay because they believe they love the one they are with.

    So what's up with the 61% mass exodus?

  • IMustBreakAway

    It is a beautiful thought pickled. I have considered it myself. I will try not to be the one constantly looking for excuses to stay in but I have no answer to the question "Where will you go?" I don't have anything they would consider better than their "Sayings of everlasting life" so obviously I can't be thinking rationally.. :-) Unless I convince them to except the words and faith of Ray Kurzweil. :-)

  • IMustBreakAway

    LOL.. Excellent parallel between the "Truth" and being in an abusive relationship.. Someone should make a chart.

  • Pickled

    IMBA, then stay if you have truly exhausted all other avenues of direction. Just make sure you are not sitting in a chair starving to death just because no one has delivered to you a map to the grocery store. The religion you are in is all about being fed. Being fed a constant and unending supply of food that is delivered right to your hands along with the instructions about how to eat it. You have been eating from that vending machine for a long time without ever having to participate in a hunting party. Stay and resolve to work hard to figure out whether or not the food you are eating is healthy, or junk. But work at it.

  • hotchocolate

    Red hats . . LMAO Make it pink heels and you got a deal.. haha

    Ahhh IMBA.. I hear you on not being able to connect.. I've had to totally pull back from my JW friendships.. And I hate having to make weak attempts to disguise myself on JWD too! ;-)

    I recently read a post here and the person mentioned they were from right near where I live, I would love to PM them but I'm too chicken!

    What has really been awesome is reading experiences on JWD similar to my own, I've contacted a couple of these people, and now have a little handful of friends I'm emailing. People I can "tell all" to. That's been really cool.


  • IMustBreakAway

    Knowing what you need to do and doing it. Thats the tough part isn't it? I know I need to go. Thanks for the thoughts I am working on it.

  • oompa
    BreakAway: If I had money... I would buy an old factory in every major city in the US and convert it to loft space for young people trying to escape the religous clutches of their parents.. (mormons and amish also).

    I saw a great documentary on Hassidic Jews in NY that was so much like JW's it was amazing. One of the older apostates there actually has some apartments that are for the younger shunned ones abandoned by their family and faith. They are crammed in like refugees, but glad to have the support.

    Believe me, they are WAY more strict than dubs, but what I thought was so ironic is that they believe THEY are the only REAL Jewish faith, and that all other forms are apostate Jewish faiths!!! Haha, where have I heard that one before?......................oompa

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