What do you remember about the Conventions?

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  • NewYork44M

    I remember the Burritos. I also remember spending time in the kitchen cooking food and cleaning food trays. I think the conventions lost something when they did away with the food service. Working in the kitchen was a very good way to meet new people and form friendships. Was never the same when we would be forced to pack our lunches.

  • megaflower

    ANXIETY. The first thing we did after trying to find a seat (there where never any seats, good ones that is. We would be there when the doors opened and many of the seats where saved. They always gave talks saying you could only save seats for the ones riding in your car yet still no seats-a pet peeve of mine),I would check the program for 2 things, LUNCH and Quiting time. I could not stand assemblys. BORING

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    The Eatin' Meetin'

  • llbh

    When the chlidren were young how child unfriendly the wts are.

    We found it very hard to keep the chlidren amused for the whole time we were there



  • llbh

    When the chlidren were young how child unfriendly the wts are.

    We found it very hard to keep the chlidren amused for the whole time we were there



  • oompa

    Babes, nice legs and cleavage, and how those really, really long bathroom/bad back breaks let me read the newpaper or surf the net....oompa

    Plus, I love to make sandwiches, great coffee and bring my wifes brownies and cookies along with little coffee cups for my friends.

  • jaguarbass

    I remember the convention at the Masonic Temple back in Cleveland in the 60's. It was a big spooky building with lots of places to play hide and seek and explore. Just to go and see that temple was worth the aggrevation of attending an assembly.

    Also when we would have the assembly at the Masonic Temple, we would go out in service in the inner city around the temple which was kind of a neat experience to see how city people lived. I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland.

    Then we also had assemblies at the County fair Grounds in Berea in the 60's. It was neat to see the fair grounds with out all the rides and attractions, actually that was kind of upsetting.

    Then also in the 60's we would have assemblies at various high schools in the Cleveland area. So it was fun to sneak off and explore the different schools.

    Then in the late 70's after Armegeddon the Wac tower bought an old theater in Willouby and all of the assemblies were there. At least in the 70's they had a cafeteria and made meals cafeteria style. You'd slide a tray down the rail and get a scoop of mashed potatoes, Turkey or ham, salad, desset, etc. They had witnesses cook and work in the kitchen during the whole show. That seemed like a good deal if you could get that job. Then you wouldnt have to listen and watch the people or person on the stage. I only got to work in the kitchen 1 time in my growing up days. That was at the Berea fair grounds.

    One year after Armegedon we had an assembly at the old Cleveland Stadium, home of the Browns and the Indians. That year I played Ham in the drama of Noahs ark. I was in the local papper and got to shake brother Knorrs hand.

  • momzcrazy

    Our convention site looked like a big hamburger in a bun. And it was a complete circle that we would walk looking for boys. And it always smelled like coffee. It was near an amusement park that we would go to on Saturdays after the sessions. Oh, and getting fresh cherries on the way home from a road side stand.


  • patio34

    Sorry, but reminiscing about the conventions is comparable to an ex-con looking back on the good ol' days in prison! I don't remember much good about them, and I don't want to. I'm outta jail now!

  • VM44

    I remember the smell of rotting cantaloupes (or at least that is what it smelled like) when walking past the food service areas!

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