Has the Org gone witch-hunting those who are gone, but not Dfd?

by cyber-sista 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    We have been out for 6 years and no moves to DF us or DA ourselves. No visits from the elders but a jw considered on the edge drops off the magazines. It depends on the personalities of the elders on the BOE and how threatened they might feel by any actions they see or hear of. Most elders don't make shepherding calls on the rank and file let alone those who are gone.

  • Rapunzel

    I am outraged to read about the conduct of the congregaitonal elders in this matter; and I second the opinion of those who stated that the elders' conduct was reprehensible and that it borders on the illegal. No, correct that. What they did was illegal!! Where I live, it might come under the category of "home invasion." They abused their authority to essentially to coerce the couple into letting them into the house. Who the hell are they to "demand" entry into the house and the young man's room!!!! They have no grounds to "demand" anything of the sort. They are not the police; and even the police are subject to the laws of civil [and civilized] society - i.e.they need a warrant to conduct a search. And speaking of the police, if I had been in the place of either one of the parents, I would have have summoned the cops quicker that shit through a sick calf. If fact, I don't understand why they did not call the police. Had I been in their place, I would have felt abused and violated. I recommend that they still give the police a call. Hell,it sounds to me that they have grounds for a lawsuit. It seems to me that they might have some legal recourse, given the psychological effect of their conduct on the elderly man. Hospitalization is a serious consequence.

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