Has the Org gone witch-hunting those who are gone, but not Dfd?

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  • cyber-sista

    Hey it's been awhile since I've left--almost 5 years now! I haven't visited this site for quite a while now.

    I was never Dfd, but I have little contact with anything to do with JWs. My daughter who also left the JWs when I did is still in contact with a few friends who have also left the Org. One of her friends still lives with his elderly JW parents. He's a nice kid who went to college and has a good job and helps his parents out financially. He travels a lot on business and recently while he was away some of the elders in the congregations came to his parents home and demanded to search his room to find some grounds to DF him. (he is not a bad kid, but not living up to JW standards.) HIs parents are quite elderly and the stress of it sent his father to the hospital. Seems like they want to get this kid out of the org and separate him from his family by DFing him since they don't like the idea of his parents not rejecting him (their only son.)

    Anyway, I haven't been around for awhile and wondered what the latest stand is on those who are "inactive." Like I said I have such little contact with JWs anymore. They haven't come to my door in a very long while and the elders haven't been here for a very long time--3 years now? What happened to contacting those who are inactive? Are there some new rules on this? Are these trying to DF those who have left, by digging up dirt on them? I am already treated by many as if I am Dfd, which is mostly OK with me, but the Org has sadley divided some members of my family too.

    Just wondering if anyone has the latest scoop on this.

  • zeroday
    Anyway, I haven't been around for awhile and wondered what the latest stand is on those who are "inactive."

    The Org is on a Jihad to weed out the inactive either get them IN or find grounds for disfellowshipping...with the internet hammering them and the so called flock they are trying to put up a firewall up to the faithful...there are no bounds in which they will go to GET something on someone to df them...

    I was going to fade but did not want the witch hunt and DA'ed myself 3 years ago...

  • ldrnomo

    There has been no evidence of this in my life. I have been inactive for over a year, my wife has also been inactive for that same amount of time. There has been no one saying or doing anything from the congregation we attended or any other cong. about getting rid of us or doing anything to get us out or in i'm sure that any experiences anyone may have regarding this is limited to individual cong's based on the elder's and CO and possibly DO.

    Let's not start any lynch mob rumors.

  • sspo

    The watchtower has ruined 1000's of families due to their Df, Da or even many that have faded and been rejected by family member.

    There is no official policy with those that fade and how to treat them, it all depends on the body of elders and how badly they want to pursue individuals and try to DF them.

    I have friends that faded and the congr. knows that they celebrate holidays but the elders leave them alone.

    Other that have faded have been Df even after many years of not attending meetings.

    Elders hold the big stick and can use it anyway they want.

  • Maddie

    cyber-sista - There does seem to be more hunting after inactive JW's now from what I've been hearing, but maybe depends on the local elders too. It is all about the WT being frightened of the knowledge and support available now via the internet. Shunning applies to JW's that DA or are Dfd so they would rather that than have inactive ones who can still talk to JW's. It's all about maintaining control by limiting contact/information.


  • hillbilly

    that is a very vigilant BOE... they are sposed to check on inactives once a year or so. Most elders dont push it hard unless someone hands someone over to em and it becomes an issue

    This kid must have left a mark on someone... did he piss somebody off? Sorry that his family is taking heat.


  • Casper

    I've been out for 10 years now. The Elders have only been here once in approx. 9 years.

    One drives a Fed-X truck and delivers pkgs. here now and then. He is friendly, business wise... So, they know I still live here. I have no idea of my status in the congregation, and at this point.... I would love for them to come and say...

    "We've missed you"... yeah, right.


  • RR

    I left about 15 years ago and they never bothered me. I got a few calls early on but I just told them I needed space. We've moved several timnes since then. Interestingly, I have neighbors and clients who are JW's and they have no clue. Of course at this stage, who cares, it's been 15 years!


  • truthseeker

    Generally speaking, after a few initial calls to an inactive person, they will stop bothering you - unless you have a vigilant BOE you are unlikely to hear from them.

    I think disfellowshipped ones are more likely to get their regular October visit than inactive ones. (KM reminder to call on df'd ones)

  • wednesday

    I have known situations like cybasita described. It really is depends on the local elders and how much they want someone out. If you were their friends, almost nothing you could do would bother them, if you are on their bad side- any excuse is is good enough.

    It seems they go through these periodic house cleanings- usually after the CO or DO has visited .

    in the case sited they may have heard some rumors and are tying to find something concrete on the kid. pathetic people. if he does not date, maybe they think he is gay. They are so homophobic.

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