Has the Org gone witch-hunting those who are gone, but not Dfd?

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  • BFD
    He travels a lot on business and recently while he was away some of the elders in the congregations came to his parents home and demanded to search his room to find some grounds to DF him.


  • Quandry

    demanded to search his room to find some grounds to DF him.

    That poor old couple. Yes, these guys were super zealous........I think they acted on their own, however. It was their interpretation of the rules of the WTS.

    I hope they are better now. What was the reaction of the son?

  • Mary
    He travels a lot on business and recently while he was away some of the elders in the congregations came to his parents home and demanded to search his room to find some grounds to DF him.

    No matter how many horror stories we hear out of the Borg, they still have the ability to stun me sometimes. Where the hell do elders get off going to a private home and then demanding to look through someone's personal possessions??! Isn't this called trespassing? Personally, I'd see if I could have them charged with a crime. If nothing's done, they'll try the same crap with the next person who tries to fade.

    We don't seem to have that problem around here......if you leave and don't make a fuss, they generally just leave you alone which is the smart thing to do. I think this is something that just varies from congregation to congregation: some elders are so self-righteous and 'company men', that they'll hunt down anyone that could even be a potential threat and try and destroy their lives.


  • reneef

    What a horrible thing to do! Yes someone should sue them for the hospital expenses they brought on the eldely couple. I wonder if they really believe these kinds of tactics will bring people back to the jws.

  • marmot

    Wow, that sounds illegal!

    As to a coordinated effort, I don't think so. In my situation the elders have been downright lazy. A couple of half-hearted phone calls and an offer to drop by (which I actually agreed to but they never showed up) is all that I warranted.

    My parents still associate with me and I still have contact with a few JW friends but I don't push the religion issue when I'm around them and they don't either. Everybody's satisfied.

  • flipper

    CYBER-SISTA- It is freaking crazy that these jerk-off elders felt they had the right to rummage through this young man's room ! Talk about illegal and controlling ! Yes- I have experienced the long arm of the " elders " law trying to hunt me down like a wild animal or criminal as well. Last year in the spring they spent from fall of 2006 to spring of 2007 trying to falsely accuse me of " circumstantial fornication " claiming I did the dirty deed with my fiance a month before we were married . I had not attended meetings for almost 4 years ! I refused to meet with the elders claiming my innocence . They drove to my wife and my house 90 miles out of their way to tell me they had DFed me even though I didn't meet with them .

    So, for the sake of still wanting to see my 82 and 80 year old witness parents still , I fought the bastards and appealed their decision. I won, the appeal committee overturned the DFing decision , at the recommendation of the Watchtower society , and went my way wiping the dust off myself and never heard from them again! So, yes they will come at you, even if you have been away for years ! It's been 9 months now and haven't heard from them. The Jehovah's Witness elders are " cult controlled terrorists who will stop at nothing to make your life a living hell. But, you have to stare them down and fight back , they are just humans who use the toilet like you and me , don't let them intimidate you. Peaceout, Mr. Flipper

  • cyber-sista
    What was the reaction of the son?

    He feels very upset that his parents are being put under such pressure because of him. They are a very loving family. He is a loving and supportive son. Likewise, his parents adore him and are proud of his accomplishments. Most "normal" people would view them as the ideal family. But the butt wipe elders in that congo want to kill those warm fuzzy feelings and turn them all into cold robotic drones.

  • nomoreguilt

    I have been fading now for over 4 years. I moved out the old territory 2 years ago and haven't seen a jw in my neighborhood. I don't think that they know I am here. I suppose if the boe from my last cong wanted to they could ask my son or my ex where I live.

    Oh well, i'll be ready for them when they do come.However, I will demand to speak to only ONE of them if they come in a pair.


  • cyber-sista

    I guess that in my mind somewhere I still believed the fallicy that the JWs are "all united in the same line of thought" and so they do things the same everywhere. That is what we were taught anyway. Well, it just ain't so. That illusion lasted some 20 years for me and it's taken me a good 5 years to distance myself from it. It still creeps into my life every so often when I hear stories like what happened to this young man and his parents or the many other sad, cruel or just plain ignorant things that happen in the lives of those still trapped controlling religion.

  • reniaa

    hmmm, I'm a 3rd generation JW and have been inactive for 10 years, nothing like this has happenned to me and I have to say it doesn't sound like anything they would do, I've certainly never heard of anything like this in the 20 so years i was in JW's before I became inactive.

    Erm how do we know this is a true story or one just to incite us?

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