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  • Octarine Prince
  • AlmostAtheist

    Interesting! A fireman loses his job because he can't stand the sight of needles, and the job description changed AFTER he was hired, requiring him to have full paramedic training including inserting IV needles. (He faints when he sees the needle, presumably when it's used, so he can't pass the training.) He is suing to be reinstated, and for back pay.

    I can see the guy's point -- From his perspective, he puts out fires. He helps people out of burning buildings, hands them off to the needle-people, and goes in for more people. He's not a needle-man, he's a fire-man.

    From the department's perspective, they need versatile people that can do whatever is required to save the lives of the people they serve.

    My knee-jerk reaction is to side with the fireman, as I would seriously doubt he would find himself in the position of being the only hope for a person needing a needle inserted. But the department would argue that he very well may be in that position at some point.

    Hmmmmm.... I really don't know where I stand on that one. It's quite a conundrum.


  • Junction-Guy

    If he is so afraid of needles then why in the world did he pursue that profession in the first place?

  • snowbird

    Should be a non-issue, imo. Crazy stuff.


  • OnTheWayOut
    the department later increased job requirements to include paramedic training.

    I understand increasing the standards required to get a job. If newly hired folks
    have to become paramedics, then fine.

    But this guy was already on the job, and he tried to get the training that wasn't
    required before his hire.

    What if the person was just short of retirement? Even if he was only on the job
    for a short time, what did he sacrifice to take this job? He met the requirements
    at the time of hire, so grandfather him in as an exception because he is unable
    to do this. There are plenty of people on that job who will wind up carrying the
    equipment for another paramedic. If he is EMT trained, he can perform CPR and
    give basic care for bleeding and broken bones and such. He just has to turn his
    head when someone pokes the patient with a needle.

    Look at other situations. Should people who do a good job be fired because the
    company decides that they need to have a college degree to continue in a
    position? If you didn't know how to type, should you lose a job that didn't require
    typing when you were hired? What if you are required to travel by airplane for a
    jop that hired you without including that term, then they found out you are
    severely afraid of flying? Was it your fault? No, that requirement was not there
    when you were hired.

  • Junction-Guy

    Good point On The Way Out.

  • nomoreguilt

    Oldest USA veteran of WWI in the news today. 107 years old. I would say that he was of the JW generation, wouldn't you? So, you see that the WTBTS just HAD to change their doctrinal teaching. They saw this coming, knew that people were going to get OLDER and had to do something to keep the faithful BAITFUL!!!

    All said and done, I say GOOD for that VETERAN! He served the world well as a soldier and fortuantely for him he survived the war to debunk the WTBTS!!!!


  • Junction-Guy

    An excellent post NMG, but the wrong topic, or was this story on that page too?

  • RisingEagle

    Back on topic: What if the fireman had to put out a fire in a needle factory?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Firefighters are often the first to arrive at medical calls. They arrive before the ambulances do. I don't know why, but they get there first. Because of that, I would have to say that training all firefighters as paramedics would be a good idea. Changing one's job description after hiring is not fair, though.

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