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  • OnTheWayOut
    Changing one's job description after hiring is not fair, though.

    I feel that you can change the job description and raise the standards,
    but cannot fire someone if they cannot meet the new higher standards.
    They would be given an opportunity to meet the standard, but not fired for
    failing to be able to do so.

    Firefighters are first to arrive at the medical call because they are close by
    to respond within the first couple of minutes of a fire- the critical time between
    a tiny fire and the whole building engulfed in flames. The ambulance with
    the paramedics is running around all day between sick people and the
    hospital, so they were not right in the neighborhood.

    Once the ambulance arrives, the firefighters stay in the neighborhood, but
    the ambulance leaves the area to take the patient to the hospital, so when
    another one gets sick or hurt, the firefighters arrive first again.

    Or the joke: Firefighters are first on the scene of an emergency because they
    had nothing else to do. (So it's not an LOL joke)

  • Hope4Others
    What if the fireman had to put out a fire in a needle factory?

    Oh my god, I just spit on my computer! hahaha


  • nomoreguilt

    O'K. Stupid me!! I didn't realise I had to CLICK on the click word, DUH!! Just thought you wanted some news stories. Kick me in the head and call me stupid!!! LMAO


  • JeffT
    Firefighters are often the first to arrive at medical calls. They arrive before the ambulances do. I don't know why, but they get there first.

    They always get there first because they're always sent their first. The problem is that the dispatchers don't know for sure what the emergency is when you call. So they send a EMT's and a cop (if it's a traffic accident or crime) to see what's going on. If they decide they need an ambulance, they call one. The EMT's are fireman and drive a fire truck in case it turns out to be a fire.

    I hope they can find a way out for this guy, but keeping up with new job requirements is part of modern lfe. A lot of people in office jobs couldn't keep up when the computer revolution arrived.

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