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    The dictionary defines apostate as one who has left a former belief system be it religious or political.

    I became an apostate the moment my JW "study" conductor said I needed to write to my former church secretary and resign my membership there. I was told to include that I was going to become on of Jehovah's Witnesses in my resignation. According to the standard dictionary---I was now an apostate!

    The men who run the WTS have made up their OWN definition, and JWs toss the word around like scattering henfood in a barnyard. It covers a LOT of ground while not actually penetrating very deeply. It is NOT a standard and accepted meaning of the word, but try and tell a JW that! It falls on deaf ears.

    CULTS have words and terms that have one meaning....but when used by a cult member....have another entirely different meaning. They are said to be buzzwords that ONLY the cult member would recognize in a crowd of "normal thinking" people.

    JWs think and reason like cult members simply because they are IN a cult.

    Apostate Annie

  • still_in74
    I always wonder why not attending meetings makes one an apostate. I thought you had to express some ideas contrary to the WTS.

    at a DC just a few years ago a brother was interviewed after having not attending meetings for 6 years. He said, "those who stop attenting meetings havent stopped loving Jehovah, they just have their priorities out of line."
    I was personally surprised to hear this from the floor of a DC ! Almost implying that ppl that miss meetings are necessarily bad people!

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