Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie (redux)

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    This is all very interesting, I never even heard of any of this. Excellent research!

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    "The Hairpin Story"

    "A good friend of mine was an elder in the hall in Long Beach, California, long after da judge's death, is the source of this information. She requested that the elders (my friend being one of the elders) meet with her (she was in her 70's), because she wasn?t sure if she would receive her heavenly reward. The elders met, and she told them the relationship she had with Rutherford over a 15-year period! She even showed them movies of the two of them, hugging and kissing, shortly before dropping this "bomb shell!"

    any chance of ever finding those films??? wow!!!

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    Wow! I had no idea. This is amazing stuff! Thank you Leolaia, Farkel, Mary, larc (may he RIP) and the rest who put all this together. I don't often bookmark threads but this is a must-keep.

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    It appears that William Pratt Heath, Sr. (1875-1950), vice president of qualifty control at Coca-Cola, was the source of the "Direct Contribution" for Judge Rutherford's house, Beth Sarim.

    Beth Sarim cost $25,000, what was it that motivated Heath Sr. to donate such a large sum?

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    There was a similar article several months earlier. In "Who Are God's Worst Enemies?", Rutherford claimed that those who commit adultery, steal, lie, or sin in other ways are often "victims of circumstances, environment, or improper education and training. Ofttimes they are hampered by fleshly weaknesses which they are powerless to resist" (15 March 1929 Watchtower, p. 93). He goes on to claim that the Bible distinguishes between sinners and wicked people. Those who are truly wicked are those who "seek to injure, oppose, misrepresent, hinder or thwart the work of Jehovah God and to slander his name"....these people are worthy of the second death and are "represensible in God's sight". Sinners, on the other hand, commit offenses like adultery but "have no desire to oppose or misrepresent God... They are sinners; but not wicked people, because their hearts are not wicked. It often happens that such people are credited with being the 'best-hearted people in the community.' They are sinners, and commit offenses because of weaknesses or because of ignorance. God pities the sinners and makes allowances for their weaknesses and their ignorance" (pp. 94-95).

    Positively awe inspiring how they can write this drivel to explain away they're own conduct.

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    I was not aware that this thread existed until just now. My apologies for my own redux threads on this subject. This is the de facto redux thread, I will add to it comments already made to keep the known information in one place.

    Barbara Anderson attended a slide show in Bethel where it was explained that William Pratt Heath, Sr. (the Coca Cola exec.) although not a JW paid for Beth Sarim, Beth Shan and Rutherford's two Cadillacs. This has more credibility to me than the assertion that it was the scandel plagued Dr. Eckols who donated the money.

    William Heath, Jr. was not wealthy at the time. Bonnie Boyd Heath was flamboyant and loved to wear large hats, even to meetings. JWD poster "DNCal"l who met her identified her as the woman in the two pictures Leolaia has on the site I provided the link for. These are the first pictures of Bonnie that I've ever seen. Is the other women in the picture on the left Berta Peale?

    By the way, Leolaia has just informed me that the link I provided was NOT her site and the person who owns the site snatched her work verbatim without attribution. Shame on that!

    The late Barbara Grizutti Harrison who served at Bethel said Bonnie Boyd slept with half the boys in the Bethel family. I had the honor of speaking with her a month or so before she died several years go. She lived hard, smoked hard, dranked hard and died a painful death from cancer. She was also a best-selling author and wrote a book on Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Berta Peale was a very rebellious child and a rather dim bulb according to her grand nephew larc (Carl Thornton). Carl wrote the forward to Jim Penton's latest book, I believe.

    I didn't know they had nippleless bras in the 1930's!


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    You said:

    " There is also a second corroborating account of a confession by Berta shortly before her death, but this imho is unsubstantiated until the elder in question comes forward and relates this information himself. "

    Of course that was 35 years ago (1972-3), so the elder may be dead. But look back at MY original thread. (I had to put "my" in caps, because from the comments on the first page of this thread, I get the distinct impression that some people think I somehow played a secondary role in this story, even though it was I who dropped the bombshell and everything after that was verification and amplification on my original work. Authors are very protective of their original work, you know.) The poster "Cyberguy" out of "nowhere" brought up that he was from Long Beach, CA., and that Berta was in his congregation and that he knew an elder who told him about Berta's confession and the year was around 1973.

    Think about that. I had no idea that Berta's last residence was in Long Beach. I had no idea that Berta died in 1973. How many people would know that? Besides that, wouldn't it be reasonable that Berta would feel shame for what she had done as her long life as a dub was coming to a close? Wouldn't it also make sense that Knorr would have known about it and, years later would have told the Long Beach elders to forget about it? Cyberguy was/is a respected poster (i.e. not a wacko). Subsequent research (by you or others, I forget) shows that Berta did indeed live in Long Beach at that time and the newspaper obituary confirms that. It all fits, Leolaia. In fact, that circumstantial information would likely hold up in a court of law when added to all the other information about Berta that is known. It all ties together.

    I'm now doing research on my next bombshell topic: "JCanon" was Milton Henschel's bitch for over 20 years. Stay tuned.


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    brightdarkness We here at Cfm had access to this PDF file and printed it as is. At the time of posting, we did not know who to attribute authorship to apart from the name farkel. After being contacted by him, we researched a little more and found the compilation had been done by the lady below. We acknowledge her work and apologize sincerely for the lack of mention for the work. var postNo=11801;profile Post 11801 of 11803 since 01-Sep-02 Supreme One Just a brief note that I was the one who made the PDF and the blog copied and pasted my post without acknowledgement (in case there is any confusion, it would be nice if a comment could be posted to the blog to make this clear). The thread the post was taken from is here: See the new massive compilation of biographical data on p. 4 of the thread.

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    Witness 007

    Great stuff...a picture of Malcom and young rutherford....never seen this ifo. before.

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