Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie (redux)

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  • Leolaia

    The old thread is back thanks to Simon migrating JWD to JWN, so please head over there:

    There is a LOT of new stuff there.

  • panhandlegirl

    I found the info via google. I stared to download it, and in fact, downloaded a few pages until I realized how many pages it contained. I bookmarked it for the future so I can download the pages I want. Sounds interesting. I am sure it took a lot of time and research to come up with all the information contained in the article.

  • Tara N Seals
  • careful

    Wow, someone has resurrected one of Leolaia's old posts. It's a blast from the past, sort "old fresh air"!

  • ekaiser83


    I realize this thread is old, but could someone please point me to that copy of the watchtower where they mentioned “Princess Bonnie Balko and Prince Joseph Balko”

    They were born at Beth Sarim. I thought I saved the picture way back, but I guess I didn’t.


  • Ding

    I thought for a moment that Leolaia had returned.

    Then I saw the date.

    Too bad.

    She always posted interesting stuff.

  • JoenB75
    He was some work ol Rutherford. Before the advent of the internet, most people would only have thought of such things as rumours.
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Back in the 50s my mother knew about these scandals. It was harder then to prove things than now. Even then as a child I could weigh the likelihood that it was true.

  • Listener


    This website contains a mountain of information and it finally led me to what you are asking. You will find the Watchtower printed it in their publication called 'Messenger' Saturday July 25th, 1931

  • Sektenkult

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