Obves / JCannon =Are they the Anti-Christ??

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  • glenster

    ^ whether one believes in the Bible or not. The burdon of proof for extra-
    ordinary claims is on the claimant, not the one who considers it extraordinary
    and unproven. God is possible, a false prophet is not. A Christian can have a
    sincere hope and want to be good by others, but should be especially careful not
    to be reckless with their hope commitment if anyone could be harmed. If so,
    they should be skeptical.

    Looloo, early on, Jim Jones claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus, and was
    seen removing a piece of pocketed chicken guts from his coat while pretending to
    be a psychic surgeon and create a marketing group for himself. If more people,
    believers and non-believers alike, made that well known early on, it wouldn't
    have made God any less possible but maybe nobody would have been kiiled when
    Jones' seemingly interminable need to have his ego stroked went sour.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Okay so Obves is Elisha and JCannon is Elijah got it! But JCannon when you say you can see your baby photo in that picture of the sky..lol that is weird no one else can see it.


    This is another controversial topic as most people have no idea who is the antichrist ! No wonder that is why so many are deceived.

    1 John 4.3 gives us the clue who is the antichrist.This is the personified spirit of the enemity against Jesus . I cannot be a man as it no man on the face of the earth lived back then when Christ and his disciples lived and continued to live on up to the present.

    If that is the spirit of the enmity that denies Christ came in the flesh how come it was and disappeared and was to appear again ? The enimosity against Christ was all the time as the churches were in the existence always from the time of the first apostles throughout the ages.

    The solution is that for the antichrist to be present there must be the true worship of God Yahweh and Jesus present ! For the antchrist to disappear the True Christianity had to disappear at the same time !And it had to disappear if we want to speak about the spirit of the antichrist disappeared .

    If you know my calculations and date I have arrived at I can set forth the timetable for the spirit of antichrist. We can speak of the antichrist only when the opposing spirit - the spirit of Truth is present and for that to happen there must be servants of God who belong to the body of Christ ,that is a bride consisting of 144000 servants of Christ.

    If we know these 144000 are present we can speak about the opposing spirit to their teachings and that is the spirit of the antichrist.

    The cut-off date was 150 AD based on Psalm 150 . Just like the date 119 AD is based on Psalm 119 . Psalm 119 has 22 Hebrew letter-alphabet that allows us to decode the whole chronology of mankind.

    The period 119 AD - 150 AD ended the true christianity - so this way the spirit of the antichrist also had to have ended ! Now ,we must identify when the remnant of 144000 appears on the end-time scene and we look for great people who are opposing that remnant in what they teach !

    The era for the renewed True Christianity began in 1878 AD as the year of the announcement in the likeness of 8 BC before 7 BC.Then we have 1883 AD for 3 BC as 1884 AD is for 2 BC. Now ,we know that the spirit of the antichrist could have appeared in 1879 AD - 1884 AD at the earliest after the break ! There was no spirit of the antichrist between 150 AD - 1878 AD for sure as there was no True Christianity in that period as there were no servants from the class of 144000 chosen people by God Yahweh.

    Once we locate the remnant of the 144000 then we can search for their great enemies to call them the antichrists as they have the spirit of the antichrist in them and oppose those belonging to the 144000.

    Who is the best candidate to be called the antichrist ?

    As I move along the timeline I have come using the calculations I come upon the dates like 1920 AD and 1921 AD.

    1920 AD = 1 9 2 0 = 1 x 9 x 2 = 18 1921 AD = 1 9 2 1 = 1x9x2x1 = 18 18 = 6+6+6=18 = "666"

    18 reversed in the Hebrew we read from right to left is 81 .

    I had Pslam 150 and 150 AD , Psalm 119 and 119 AD now I can have 81 BC for 18 .

    81 BC + 18 = 63 BC ( 6x3=18) + 26 or 28 for God's name ( numerical values) = 37 BC - 35 BC . The spirit of the antichrist must be linked with the Roman Empire and in our times it the Roman Catholic Church and in her we look for the best expression of the antichrist.

    1920 AD + 18 years = 1938 AD + 28 years = 1966 AD + 18 years = 1984 AD as we have 36 BC + 18 years = 18 BC 18 years = "666" 18 BC + 46 years - John 2.20: " 46 years this temple was in building = 29 AD.

    1938 AD -1945 AD - The Jewish Tribulation of 7 years was started by the Crystal Night in 1938 AD !

    The date 1984 AD hides the dates 29 AD and 18 BC and 17 BC. 1966 AD - 2000 years = 35 BC 81 BC + 2000 years = 1920 AD.

    1966 AD + 45 years = 2011 AD 1966 AD + 46 years = 2012 AD

    The pope John Paul II was born in 1920 AD and we can use the numerical values of God's name to identify him as the enemy of God under the cover of piousness ! 1920 AD + 28 years = 1948 AD ( linked to the appearance of the dry fig tree : the natural Israel ) + 30 years = 1978 AD when he was chosen + 26 years or 27 years as God's name also stands for " 7 Times" = 2004 AD - 2005 AD.

    If you know me from some usenet groups I was predicting the year 2004 AD and 2005 AD.

    Popes and clergy men and pastors from organized nominal christian churches constituted and constitute the spirit of the antichrist.In the organized nominal christian churches we look for the Satan sitting there on the Throne .

    The dates I have arrived at point also to the amazing fact that God Yahweh has me in His plan as the True John Paul II from Poland .

    John Paul II (pope ) was from Poland like me .I my case I can use the following:

    1950 AD in the line of John the Apostle ... + 28 years + 26 years + 30 years = 2034 AD

    1950 AD ... for 96 AD and 98 AD from 70 AD .. 26 + 28 = 2004 AD and + 7 years for 29 AD-33 AD-36 AD = 2011 AD

    1950 AD in the line of Paul the Apostle ... 47 AD - 65 AD or 18 years .... 1950 AD= 70 AD .... 1955 AD + 18 years = 1973 AD . The year 1973 AD was the year I began to be deeply involved in the prediction of the end of the world.

    1973 AD - 2012 AD = 39 years which stands for the Old Testament as it has 39 books: 27 + 12 .

    The True John II Paul II - "John Paul II" was not pope John Paul II the world knew and admired .He died .But when alive he represented the perfect oppositon to what I was teaching.All those great ones who vigorously oppose me and all others who are truly from the class of 144000 can also have the spirit of the antichrist !

    Huh ! It is really complicated to identify the antichrist as we must exert ourselves to go into such intricate details ! No wonder many still await the coming of the antichrist ! They were unable to identify him before !

    You cannot oppose the true servants of God Yawheh and Jesus in our times and teach others to do the same you are putting yourself on war footing with God Himself !


    It is in the Roman Catholic Church ! How can we be sure of that ? By identification using the Book of Revelation !

    Revelation 13.11-18.

    If we did not have the timeframe of the end-time era it would be not so convincing to know who is the antichrist today .

    What John the Apostle saw on the Isle of Patmos was also the future political map some 2000 years ahead of time ! This could serve already as the proof God Yahweh exists and He gave us the Bible ! Only God Yahweh could know the future events and how men will bahave to form the specfic borderlines between the countries.

    As we looked down to the Earth from above - say 10 000 miles above- we could see in the 1984 AD there the following :

    Below in front of the Red Beast which was the Soviet Russia and its satellites is Italy in the shape of the animal having two lamb's horns on the top near the Alpes Mountains. So ,we see the second beast which is symbolized externally by Italy - Roman Catholic Empire !

    It is there we look for the seat of the antichrist and place him especially in the period 1984 AD -1991 AD.Then we can add 1994 AD .

    1984 AD-1994 AD = 10 years as symbolic 10 days.

    The false opposing teachings as presented by pope John Paul II represented the spirit of the antichrist. No religious figure since Christ was so admired and worshipped like John Paul II was ! The only one pope in the whole history and it will never be repeated in the future !

    And we have dates linked to the oppresive Roman Empire to link pope John Paul II.

    81 BC = 1920 AD ( 1,9,2,0) ! the year this pope was born ! 81 BC = "18 " seen in the Hebrew when read from right to left . 1x9x2 = 18 .Then 63 BC which is 18 years later in our times it is the year 1938 AD - the year related to the dry rebellious fig tree - physical Israel .1920 AD + 28 years for God's numerical value = 1948 AD- the fig tree appears as the natural Israel becomes a political entity.

    81 BC - 1920 AD 63 BC = 1938 AD 36 BC =1965 AD 18 BC = 1983 AD 7 BC = 1994 AD 2 BC = 1999 AD 4 AD = 2004 AD 11 A=2011 AD 81 BC - 4 AD = 84 years 1920 AD - 2004 AD = 84 years. The end-time hour can be changed into 85 years and 83 years . 36 AD + 83 years = 119 AD 1920 AD + 85 years = 2005 AD- life span of John Paul II.

    At the same time the True Spiritual John Paul II is placed on the end-time scene and if you read what I wrote today on this thread you can know that God Yahweh chose me to be that Spiritual John Paul II -as the opposing figure to the pope John Paul II ! HalleluYAH !

  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    No, they are bible scholars in the tradition of one, Frederick William Franz.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    If Fred Franz had a love child............Obves and JCannon twins!....Of course it's all becoming clearer to me!

  • glenster

    ^ P.S.: I got mixed up with another post--"looloo" should be "Witness 007."
    It sounds like I called JCanon "looloo," and that's not his name, at least
    not that we care to have publicly known. Sorry.


    No doubt he has a very interesting views and is distinctive in what he is teaching .One of the basic characteristics of the true christianity is it cannot be a mainstream religion before Christ comes back . So , most christian churches the world admires as wrong ! Isalm is wrong and even Judaism is disqualified ! We look for the true christianity in the least expected places ! Among cults , sects and there must one true distinctive sect as per Acts 28.22 and Jehovah's Witnesses fit this description today as they are a sect or cult that is true to the Bible.

    Then we look for a single person as per Luke 9.49-50 . This can be only one person that best fits the reference .

    And know I am not against Jehovah's Witnesses though I have a different understanding of the Bible !

    Harold Camping who predicts the same year as I do -2011 AD - is my most challenging opponent as he is against all religions including Jehovah's Witnesses . He explains the Bible very good and is a distinctive preacher to be a candidate for that one single position as in Luke 9.49-50 but by the fact alone he is attacking Jehovah's Witnesses he is dead wrong and cannot be that single servant coexisting with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    J Canion is a very distinctive preacher to be considered as a candidate for that one single post of the single independent servant as per Luke 9.49-50 !

    To be considered for that post a preacher must have a whole body of doctrines based on the Bible ! This allows us to disqualify most preachers ! The person must have a unique set of teachings and JCanon meets this requirement. Harold Camping too and Prince Michael in Poland ( a preacher I have mentioned already earlier ) meets this requirement .

    And to call JCanon , Harold Camping or the Polish Prince Michael a false prophets is not an easy task !

    Matthew 24.11 speaks about false prophets who will deceive many ! JCanon had not deceived many ! He may have a small following but he has not many . So it is not so easy to call him a false prophet if possible !

    Where are the false prophets then ? Where must we look for them ? In the nominal christian churches among popes ,clergy and pastors !We can say of them they had deceived many ! This a good indicator Matthew 24.11 how to determine who is a false prophet in the end-times. Single preachers acting alone should be not taken into account ! By the way , we don't determine false prophets by the predictions of the end of the world ! The nature of that type of prediction is different as no one is supposed to wait up to the very end .that is the given date- to find out if a person is or not a false prophet.

    The predictions of the end of the world must be excluded from the process of defining who is a false prophet !

    Calling Jehovah's Witnesses false prophets is misunderstanding of the Bible ! The predictons of the end of the world ever made by Bible Students can not serve as a factor in defining who is false prophet . They have the true christian religion ! If you disqualify them you must show the other religion that is true in their place ! There is none ! But if we are in the end-times there must be one present otherwise the end of the world cannot take place !

    Read Matthew 7.13,21-23 : Many will say that day Lord ,Lord .. and I will answer them go away from me .

    This cannot be about Jehovah's Witnesses at all ! This must be about many people who were deceived - majority ! It can only be so in the main stream christian religions where do we find many false prophets in thousands and many deceieved in hunderds of millions !

    Not among JCanon and his tiny group ! Not among Jehovah's Witnesses who number in modest millions of followers.And if you read about the religious views JCanon holds he is better off than those who are in the catholic or protestant churches !

  • sir82
    God Yahweh has me in His plan as the True John Paul II from Poland

    Can somebody start a scorecard or something? This is getting confusing. So far we have:

    JCanon is Jesus Christ...

    OBVES is the pope...

    Anyone else with any claims? Or should we maybe open up the bidding?

    Who will offer me 50 dollars for the right to be Mephibosheth? 50, 50, do I hear 55, 55....


    He cannot be the pope John Paul II who died in 2005 AD. Obves is the counterbalance to that pope who was admired and worshipped by the world back then before he died .Thanks to Obves we can identify the antichrist for sure ! As he is an indicator that serves as a clue in the search for the antichrist.

    Note the dates from the times of the apostle John and the apostle Paul cover life of Obves . As we superimpose the dates when Christ and his first disciples lived and preached upon our times to prove we are in the end-times the same can be done to prove we have apostles John and Paul in our times spiritually present !

    It can be so as Obves is covered by life span of Jesus Christ alone ! And I wrote about spiritual manifestations of Christ - his symbolic comings ! They are spiritual comings of Christ in the end-times before actual second coming of Christ most likely in 2011 AD.

    144OOO servants are the body of Christ on earth ! Adam and Eve = one man . Christ + 144OOO menservants = Christ .

    Every one from the class 144000 is like Christ and the last seperate servant as per Luke 9.49-50 should fit this plan the best way . That is why that one single servant in the reference was singled out as one peculiar case.

    The period 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD is a peculiar period in the end-time era and is linked to the period 29 AD-33 AD -36 AD the best way.

    The people in the Watchtower can tell you that the understanding of the Bible becomes better with the passing time . They are known for the New Light . The International Bible Students have : 1914 AD-1918 AD -1921 AD while Jehovah's Witnesses have 1935 AD-1942 AD . My 7-year periods are 1984 AD -1988 AD-1991 AD , 2004 AD - 2011 AD. You should examine my views if I have a good reason to act alone as that one single servant as per Luke 9.49-50 or someone else fits in better in this plan.

    1950 AD = 70 AD. 96 AD-The Book of Revelation .98 AD - The last writings by John . 70 AD - 96 AD = 26 years ; 70 AD - 98 AD = 28 years. 1950 AD + 28 years = 1978 AD 1978 AD + 26 years = 2004 AD.Paul : 47 AD - 65 AD = 18 years 47 AD = 1973 AD 65 AD = 1955 AD 1955 AD - 1973 AD = 18 years.29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD = 7 years for John . 2004 AD + 7 years = 2011 AD. 36 AD-47 AD = 11 years : 1973 AD - 1984 AD for Paul. 65 AD -70 AD = 1950 AD -1955 AD .

    The period of 1950 AD - 1984 AD covers the span life of Jesus Christ . 1984 AD fall - 1988 AD spring = for Christ's mission of 3.5 years. Christ 2 BC - 33 AD = 33.5 years

    Adam 4027 BC fall - 4010 BC fall when he sinned = 17 years Eve 4026 AD spring - 4010 BC = 16.5 years 17 + 16.5 = 33.5 years.Eve was in Adam ,so we can use 17 years for her : 17 + 17 = 34 .Since the two calendars were used : the spring and fall ones we can add half a year : March ,1950 AD spring + half a year + 34 years = 1984 AD fall .

    If Obves can be called the spriitual manifestation of the apostles John and Paul II and is "John Paul II" by using the dates as above he should be also the manifestation of Jesus Christ ! So he is like Jesus Christ , John the apostle and Paul the apostle as if they were living in our times ! This can happen only symbolically or spiritually !

    How should a reader understand the last sentence above ? If God Yahweh wanted Christ to be like any human being as we are exactly and live in our times and represent God he would chose a simple human being like me to that representation . And it happened ! I believe God Yahweh chose me for that purpose . The same applies to the apostles John and Paul . God Yahweh manifests them in me ! They cannot live again as sinful people but their spirit is revealed in my person.The spirit of Jesus Christ should be revealed in my person.This is is in a peculiar way as all belonging to the class of 144000 have the same spirit of Christ revealed in them .

    Note that I am singled out from the class of priests of 144000 just as pope John Paul - a Vicar who allegedly represents Christ was also singled out from the class of priests !

    Obves as the spiritual John Paul II claims to be manifestation of Jesus Christ and Pope John Paul II was viewed by many christians as the manifestation of Jesus Christ ! The two opposing persons and they cannot be right at the same time ! One of them must represent the spirit of the antichrist in the end-time era !

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